11 Notable Quotes from Gospel Fluency

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Speak the Language

To become fluent in a new language, you must immerse yourself in it until you actually start to think about life through it. Becoming fluent in the gospel happens the same way—after believing it, we have to intentionally rehearse it (to ourselves and to others) and immerse ourselves in its truths. Be encouraged by the following quotes excerpted from Gospel Fluency: Speaking the Truths of Jesus into the Everyday Stuff of Life by Jeff Vanderstelt.

Sanctification is just a big word for becoming more and more like Jesus through faith in Jesus. You become like what you believe in. So becoming like Jesus requires believing in him more and more in every part of your life. Sanctification is moving from unbelief in Jesus to belief in him in the everyday stuff of life.”

“Gospel fluency begins in you, gets worked out within community, and is expressed to a world that needs to hear about Jesus.”

“God’s word is powerful and true. His work is very good. Rest in it.”

“We do not save ourselves. We cannot save ourselves. We do nothing in terms of our salvation. God does everything. When we talk about the gospel, we are not just talking about a doctrine we write down and quote. We are talking about the very real, dynamic power of God to create, redeem, and save.”

“You talk about what you love and you love what you talk about.”

“Belief in the gospel is not a one-time decision or a conviction that we need salvation only for our past lives and future afterlives. Belief in the gospel is an ongoing expression of our ongoing need for Jesus. Standing firm in it means we continue to put our faith in him for our past, our present, and our future.”

“The gospel won’t fluently come out of you to others unless it’s changed you first.”

“Every human is hungry for God. Everyone has eternity written on their hearts, producing a longing for something—someone—better, more significant, and eternal.”

“You have the Spirit of God with you to develop you in the gospel. Invite him to help you, to teach you, to bring to your mind all that is true of Jesus.”

“God’s salvation didn’t just happen to us. It is also continuing to happen. He is actively saving us.”

“Every savior, every solution, every answer, and every person falls short of addressing our real problem. Only one Savior can deal with our real problem of sin, and that is Jesus Christ.”

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