4 Prayers to Pray for the Lost

This article is part of the 4 Prayers to Pray series.

1. Read Matthew 27:45–50 and Pray

For all from whom God’s face is hidden—by extremity of suffering, by unbelief, by loss of faith, by wickedness of men. For all righteous and faithful men, who are tempted to cast away faith or to lose confidence in God. For all who are perplexed by the darkness of the divine ways, not knowing why they are afflicted. For all who are burdened and troubled for the evil and suffering permitted by God to exist. Lord, hear our prayer.—Henry Wotherspoon

2. Read 2 Samuel 12:1–15 and Pray

Grant, Almighty God, that as you have been pleased to draw us this day by the light of your gospel, out of that horrible darkness in which we have been miserably immersed, and to render your face so conspicuous to us in the person of your only begotten Son, that nothing but our ingratitude prevents us from being transformed into your celestial glory—O grant that we may make such advances in the light of truth, that every one of us may be ashamed of his former ignorance, and that we may freely and ingenuously confess that we were lost sheep, until we were brought back into the way of salvation by your hand; and may we thus proceed in the course of our holy calling until we shall at length be all gathered into heaven, where not only that truth shall give us light, which now rules us according to the capacity of our flesh, but where also the splendor of your glory shall shine in us, and shall render us conformable to your image, through Christ alone our Lord.—John Calvin

3. Read Jeremiah 23:1–8 and Pray

Lord Jesus Christ, who carries the lost sheep back into the fold in your arms, and deigns to hear the confession of the publican, graciously remit all my guilt and sin. Lord, who hears the penitent thief, who has set a heritage of mercy for your saints, and has not withheld pardon from the sinner; hear the prayers of your servants according to your mercy.—Wilhelm Loehe

4. Read Mark 6:53–56 and Pray

We appeal, O Lord, to your mercies, knowing them to be much more greater than our sins; and you came not to call the righteous but the sinners to repentance, to whom you say, “Come unto me all you that are overladen and diseased with the burden of sins, and I will ease you and refresh you.” Yes, Lord, you are that God who wills not the death of a sinner, but rather that he should turn and live. You are our Savior, who wishes all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of your truth. Therefore, O Lord, we humbly ask you not to withdraw your mercies from us because of our sins, but rather, O Lord, lay upon us your saving health, that you may show yourself toward us to be a Savior: for what greater praise can there be to a Physician, than to heal the sick; neither can there be any greater glory to you being a Savior, than to save sinners.—Henry Smith

This article is adapted from The ESV Prayer Bible.

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