4 Prayers to Pray in Gratitude

This article is part of the 4 Prayers to Pray series.

1. Read Genesis 28:10–22 and Pray

O Almighty God, who fill all things with your presence, and are a God afar off as well as near at hand; you did send your angel to bless Jacob in his journey, and did lead the children of Israel through the Red Sea, making it a wall on the right hand and on the left. Be pleased to let your angel go out before me and guide me in my journey, preserving me from dangers of robbers, from violence of enemies, and sudden and sad accidents, from falls and errors. And prosper my journey to your glory, and to all my innocent purposes; and preserve me from all sin, that I may return in peace and holiness, with your favor and your blessing, and may serve you in thankfulness and obedience all the days of my pilgrimage; and at last bring me to your country, to the celestial Jerusalem, there to dwell in your house and to sing praises to you forever.
—Jeremy Taylor

2. Read Esther 8:1–17 and Pray

Write the law of thankfulness upon our hearts for the experience we have already had of your goodness, and kindly go on to be nigh unto us, in all that we call upon you for. —Augustus Toplady

3. Read Isaiah 2:1–5 and Pray

May the God of hope fill me with all joy and peace in believing. O Lord, do break, soften, quicken, warm, my cold heart; and teach me to feel an overflowing love and gratitude, or rather a deep and grateful sense of obligation, not as a transient effusion, but as the settled temper and disposition, the practical habit of my soul, that so I may here begin the song of praise, to be sung with more purified and warmed affections in heaven. —William Wilberforce

4. Read Ruth 4:13–17 and Pray

O Lord God, father of mercies, the fountain of comfort and blessing, of life and peace, of plenty and pardon, who fills heaven with your glory, and earth with your goodness; I give you the most earnest, the most humble, and most enlarged returns of my glad and thankful heart, for you have refreshed me with your comforts, and enlarged me with your blessing. You have made my flesh and my bones to rejoice, for, besides the blessings of all mankind, the blessings of nature, and the blessings of grace, the support of every minute, and the comforts of every day, you have opened your bosom, and at this time have poured out an excellent expression of your loving kindness. —Jeremy Taylor

This article is adapted from the ESV Prayer Bible.

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