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A 30-Day Crash Course in Systematic Theology

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A Free Resource to Help You Dig into Systematic Theology

Does the term systematic theology sound a bit . . . intimidating?

If your answer is yes, you may be interested in a new 30-day Bible reading plan designed as a crash course in systematic theology.

Featuring content adapted from the brand-new ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible, this free reading plan pairs short, easy-to-read summaries of basic topics in systematic theology with key Bible passages from which those doctrines are drawn.

ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible

This new study Bible was created by a team of 26 contributors to help readers see how Christian beliefs are rooted in God’s Word, featuring over 400 short in-text doctrinal summaries connecting Christian beliefs to specific Bible passages and 25 longer articles explaining important theological topics in greater depth.

The goal of this free resource is to not only introduce you to systematic theology as a whole but also demonstrate how specific doctrines connect to the very words of Scripture.

Start the free, 30-day reading plan today.

You can also download a printable PDF version of the reading plan for use alongside the print edition of the ESV Systematic Theology Study Bible.

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