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A Sneak Peek at 'The New City Catechism' with Tim Keller

Biblical Truth for a Post-Truth World

In this video, Tim Keller briefly explains why resources like The New City Catechism are so important for the church, especially in our "post-truth" age.

He then reads a selection drawn directly from the catechism itself, offering viewers a taste of it's fifty-two questions and answers designed to reinforce the core teachings of the Christian faith.

The New City Catechism

This modern-day catechism sets forth fifty-two questions and answers designed to build a framework to help adults and children alike understand core Christian beliefs.

The New City Catechism is available in print, both as a standalone resource and as a devotional; free online at NewCityCatechism.com; and via a mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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