An Interview with Donald Whitney

In this video, Justin Taylor sits down with Donald Whitney to discuss his new book, Family Worship.


  • 00:00 - What is your own personal history when it comes to family worship?
  • 1:45 - Was family worship a regular part of your childhood?
  • 2:56 - What have you found historically and biblically that has encouraged you to think that family worship is significant?
  • 5:09 - What exactly is family worship?
  • 6:49 - What is the most difficult element of family worship?
  • 7:47 - What would you say to people who are discouraged by seeming failure in family worship?
  • 10:30 - Is the only audience you have in mind for this book parents with kids?
  • 12:29 - What are you praying the Lord will do through your book in the lives of those who read it?

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