An Interview with Philip Ryken

In this video, Justin Taylor sits down with Philip Ryken to discuss his new book, When Trouble Comes.


  • 0:00 – Why did you decide to include the story of your own personal troubles in your new book?
  • 1:37 – How serious was the suffering you faced?
  • 2:49 – Can you tell us about how you began to doubt the Lord’s love for you?
  • 3:45 – What did the Lord use to bring you out of your season of suffering?
  • 5:10 – What is your book all about? What is its format?
  • 6:30 – What struggles did the prophet Jeremiah face, and what lessons can we learn from his story?
  • 8:32 – Are there common themes that surface among biblical figures who faced trouble?
  • 10:11 – How do you envision people using your book?

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