Are You Far from God This Christmas?

God Comes Near at Christmas

During the Christmas season, there are many people who think that God is distant from them. Maybe they're be confronted with the fact that they actually don't believe anything in the Christmas story. It doesn't make any sense to them.

God says, "You don't have come to me. You don't have to find me. I come to you.”

Or, maybe it is a person who says, "I wish I had a relationship with God, but I don't." Or, maybe God just seems like a distant, harsh judge or the great chess player who moves the chess pieces around the board in an impersonal way.

Come, Let Us Adore Him

Paul David Tripp

Thirty-one daily readings from Paul David Tripp equip us to do the one thing that matters most each December—celebrating the glory of the incarnation of God's Son.

What is beautiful about the Christmas story is that God says:

You don't have come to me. You don't have to find me. I come to you. I bridge the gap between you and me. In ways that you could never move toward me, I will move toward you. I will live with you, and I will live for you. I will do what you couldn't ever do. And I will pay the penalty that you should've paid so that you could be near me.

This is a story of God making himself available, making himself near. And thus it's a story for everyone who feels distant from God.

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