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Bible Covers

Choosing the Right Bible Cover Material

Crossway is committed to distributing God’s word to God’s people in a variety of different formats. To achieve this goal, ESV Bibles feature a wide range of cover materials, from paperback to premium goatskin and many options in between.

The following guide gives a brief description of the different cover materials offered, beginning with the most cost-effective options and ending with premium leathers.

Paperback: Paperback covers feature a paper cover which makes these Bibles flexible and portable. Easy to carry in a backpack or purse, paperback Bibles are great for bringing to church and having on hand to give away. They are also ideal for churches and outreach ministries looking to distribute a large quantity of Bibles to seekers and new Christians. Example: ESV Economy Bible

Hardcover: Hardcover Bibles are characterized by a sturdy material that provides notable protection for the book pages. Available in text-only and study Bible options, hardcover Bibles are durable and can be enjoyed for many years. Also a great candidate for bulk purchase for ministry distribution. Example: ESV Premium Pew and Worship Bible

Imitation Leather: Imitation leather is created through the fusion of a plastic coating with a fibrous foundation layer. This faux leather material is affordable and sleek in its design while maintaining the appearance of leather. Foil-stamped cover options present an inviting option for churches and ministries in search of a Bible for graduation gifts or other significant life events. Example: ESV Gift and Award Bible

TruTone: TruTone is a synthetic faux leather cover material that offers readers a pliable and plush surface along with a wide range of colors and designs. Both flexible and durable, the base layer of the TruTone material adds strength and longevity as well as being an ideal surface for imprinting intricate, heat-stamped designs. With the wide selection of cover options coupled with Crossway’s lifetime guarantee, TruTone Bibles are an ideal choice for those looking for a beautiful yet reliable way to engage with God’s word. Example: ESV Thinline Bible

Cloth over Board: The cloth over board material combines the sturdiness of the hardcover with a 100% cotton cover for added texture and style. The base layer provides water-resistance while maintaining the textured feel of the cloth material. Cloth over board Bibles often feature foil stamping on the cover and are available in various colors. Example: ESV Reader's Bible

TruTone over Board: TruTone over board features the soft, leather-like feel of faux leather with the durability of a hardcover. With vintage gold-foil stamping and the sturdiness of a hardcover, TruTone over board Bibles are perfect for both gift giving and personal study. These Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible

Bonded Leather: Bonded leather covers are made from recycled leather that is formed into a pulp and adhered to a paper backer. The resulting material is coated with polyurethane and embossed, giving it the appearance of genuine leather. Bonded leather Bibles are affordable, durable, and available in both text-only and study options. These Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Thinline Bible

Genuine Leather: Genuine leather Bible covers are 100% leather, made from the middle layer of the hide. Over time and with use, genuine leather softens and becomes more flexible. Several ESV product lines are available in black genuine leather, including text-only, study Bibles, and giant print options. Genuine-leather Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Single Column Thinline Bible

Top Grain Leather: Top grain leather Bible covers are made from a full grain leather that is carefully sanded and buffed, resulting in a smooth and highly flexible surface. Each Bible will have slight variations in the grain from the hide, giving each Bible a unique character and feel. Top grain leather Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Wide Margin Reference Bible

Natural Leather: Natural leather Bible covers are made from organic, tanned leather, giving a rustic and weathered appearance. Known for its durability, suppleness, and resilience, natural leather is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will soften with age and use. Featuring the natural markings from the source animal hide, each Bible cover is unique. Natural leather Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Large Print

Buffalo Leather: Buffalo leather sourced from African buffalo is a full-grain, genuine-leather material that is revered for its durability and superior quality. The smooth, reliable texture will soften and beautify with use and age, making these Bibles a timeless treasure to pass down for generations to come. Buffalo leather Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Thinline Bible

Goatskin: Goatskin leather is a premium full grain leather known for its longevity and pristine quality. Nimble to the touch, these high quality covers feature a uniform grain that is generated through a stamping process. Each goatskin Bible is a keepsake that is guaranteed to gain character with age and last a lifetime. Goatskin Bibles are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Example: ESV Heirloom Single Column Legacy Bible

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