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40% Off These Titles

Growing in Christ

J. I. Packer

Late theologian J. I. Packer gives readers a road map for studying the essentials of Christian faith, with quick, in-depth explanations of essential topics including the Apostles' Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, and the Ten Commandments.

Keep in Step with the Spirit

J. I. Packer

Keep in Step with the Spirit by late theologian J. I. Packer is a helpful guide to the Holy Spirit that is both conversational in tone and comprehensive in scope, revealing who the Spirit is and how he is active in the lives of believers.

Rediscovering Holiness

J. I. Packer

In this repackaged edition of Rediscovering Holiness, Packer explores the central role holiness plays in God’s plan of salvation for the renewal of the church, calling on Christians to shun sin, strive to be more like Christ, be pure, and fear God.

God Has Spoken

J. I. Packer

In this repackaged edition of God Has Spoken, late theologian J. I. Packer mounts a formative defense of the inerrancy of the Bible, calling readers to reclaim the unity between inspiration (how God has spoken) and revelation (what God has spoken).

Concise Theology

J. I. Packer

Theology can be difficult to understand and challenging to navigate. This concise introduction to biblical doctrine distills complex topics so both scholar and layperson alike can treasure the unchanging pillars of the Christian faith.

A Quest for Godliness

J. I. Packer

A moving and challenging exploration of the teachings and beliefs of the Puritans, this book calls Christians today to follow the Puritans’ example of spiritual maturity.

The Heritage of Anglican Theology

J. I. Packer

In this comprehensive overview of the Anglican Church, theologian J. I. Packer showcases the hallmarks of “authentic Anglicanism” and its rich history while casting a vision for the future.

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