Discovering Depth and Renewal through Daily Liturgy

A Rejuvenation of Our Daily Worship

This idea arose from the lockdowns in 2020 when COVID hit the world and I found myself having more time to reflect on my quiet times, or my times of devotion, with the Lord. I found myself dissatisfied with them, a bit more bored. I found it a bit bland, and that's because my daily liturgy was really a quick prayer, Bible reading, and then a list of petitions. I found myself lacking in adoration of God, lacking in a good, comprehensive, and specific confession of sin.

I started to think about, Does my quiet time have to be this anemic? I wanted to enrich the diet of my quiet time with different elements, and so I decided to include prayers of adoration, confession, creeds and catechisms, as well as saying the Lord's Prayer every day. For my own experience, it led to a renewal in my quiet times. It led to a rejuvenation of my devotional life.

Jonathan Gibson is the author of Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship.

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