Does God Care about Gender Identity?

A Biblical Vision of Gender Identity

In our society, gender identity has been divorced from biology and rerooted in psychology, and people are increasingly questioning who they are designed to be. In this video, Samuel D. Ferguson, author of Does God Care about Gender Identity?, shares when this question became personal to him, and he carefully walks through the core beliefs of the transgender movement, comparing them with fundamental truths expressed in Scripture.

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Does God Care about Gender Identity? compares the core beliefs and practices of the transgender movement with the fundamental truths expressed in Scripture, encouraging readers to live out their God-given identity.

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“This small book is big on wisdom. Yes, God does care about gender identity, and Sam Ferguson explains why. More importantly, he helps readers go deep in understanding why the God who created us wants us to flourish as the creatures we are, and he equips readers to accompany those who struggle with this life-giving truth.”
Ryan T. Anderson, President, Ethics and Public Policy Center; author, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment

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Samuel D. Ferguson

While we should be careful not to reduce gender to cultural stereotypes, we must realize that uprooting gender from biology effectively kills it. If gender can be anything, it ends up being nothing.

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