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Finding Biblical Contentment as a Widow

Is it possible for a widow find authentic contentment? Often times people deal with grief by masking real pain with false contentment by:

  • Packing schedules
  • Thrill-seeking
  • Faking optimism
  • Resigning to our "fate"
  • Indulging in self-pity

But these strategies will not fill the void left by the loss of a husband. Learning to be truly content in widowhood means finding biblical contentment. We must be be satisfied with God's plan for us and accept wholeheartedly what he has given us. In The Undistracted Widow, Carol Cornish explains that "true biblical contentment is a grace given by God though his Spirit as he does his sanctifying work in our lives."

Finding contentment as a widow is a process, and Cornish gives us the keys that will open the door to true contentment and happiness:

  • Frequent confession of sin
  • Meditation on God's Word
  • Memorization of God's Word
  • Trust in God for everything
  • Heavenly mindedness

Happiness and contentment do not come from the shallow feeling of elation when things go our way. Real happiness comes from wanting God's will for us, whatever that may be. When we understand and desire this, we then have the ability to move towards contentment once again.

This article is adapted from Chapter 14 of The Undistracted Widow by Carol W. Cornish.

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