God Taught Us to Pray

Unity in Prayer

May 3rd is the National Day of Prayer. Across the country, countless people will gather to come before the Lord—a good and necessary practice for all believers. We are invited to approach God’s throne with confidence, knowing that he hears.

In her book, Praying Together, Megan Hill says:

There is work for all of us to do together. This is a work for mature believers. . . alongside the newly reborn. This is work for all those whose sins are big and whose Savior is bigger. It’s for the academic and the mechanic and the mother of five. There is an important place in this work for the ill, the weak, the old, the tired. There is a place for the strong.

All who belong to Jesus, come and join us. You who are male and female, come. You adults and children, come. Invite the millennials—and the amillennials and premillennials too. Come, you who struggle to buy gas for your car, and you whose car uses no gas at all. Come, you who oversee charities and fund ministries, come sit beside this one whose mind and body are passing away but whose soul never will. Come together to this great privilege, this heavenly gathering, this means of grace, this vital task.

An Invitation

How to Pray

“How to Pray” reminds readers of the necessity of communion with God through prayer and provides helpful suggestions for how to cultivate a healthy prayer life.

As we gather to pray together, we may struggle to know what to say to God in prayer, but we can always turn to his Word for help where he models it perfectly. “How to Pray” is a short-form tract, ideal for distributing to new and seasoned believers alike, inviting all into a relationship with God through prayer, using the Lord’s Prayer as a guide.

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