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How Can I Teach My Kids to Help at Home?

Work Doesn't Exist in Isolation

We want to raise our children to see themselves as contributors to society, and whether they work inside the home or work outside the home, we want them to see that work is not about pay, it's about contribution.

We want them to see all work as having value because they are God's image bearers.

We're teaching our little image bearers from a very early age that the work that they're doing—whether it's just picking up their toys and putting them back in the toy box or putting their blankets on their bed or putting their clothes in their laundry basket or even wiping off the table after they eat breakfast—these are all contributing to the good of society because they are treating their fellow image bearers in the home as people who have value, and as people who don't exist in isolation.

So we want to start at a very early age to get out of this mindset that work is about pay. We are all workers, we are all contributing to society because we were created in God's image and we were made to work. And they can start as early as they can crawl and put a toy in the toy box.

Glory in the Ordinary

Courtney Reissig

This book combats misunderstandings about the value of at-home work to help moms see how Christ infuses glorious meaning and significance into every facet of ordinary life.

I admit that this is hard for me. I have small children, and it's easier to clean up the toys than to let them do it. But we need to be helping our children not buy into the worldly idea that to do something great in the world, to do something of value in the world means you go out and get a job and get paid.

We want them to see all work as having value because they are God's image bearers.

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