How to Fight the Power of Shame

Bring It to the Light of Day

To fight the power of shame, you have to do what is most counterintuitive: talk to someone else about it.

First, you talk to God about it, realizing that he has been made vulnerable to you. He became human. He put on flesh and became Christ—became like a helpless baby. So you realize that he can fully identify with everything you're feeling, including shame. And he has done something about it. He has taken it away. He has clothed you with his righteousness.

Out of the strength of that connection with God—a restored relationship with him—you realize that not only is your shame covered, but so is your sin, the deepest problem. Then we can begin to talk to someone else about it. We can begin to have courage to move into safe community. Shame can't disappear unless you bring it into the light of day. It always requires community and connection.

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