Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame

By Heather Nelson, Foreword by Edward T. Welch

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Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame

By Heather Nelson, Foreword by Edward T. Welch

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Shame is everywhere.

Whether it's related to relationships, body image, work difficulties, or a secret sin, we all experience shame at some point in our lives. While shame can manifest itself in different ways—fear, regret, and anger—it ultimately points us to our most fundamental need as human beings: redemption.

Shame never disappears in solitude, and Heather Davis Nelson invites us to not only be healed of our own shame but also be a part of healing for others. She shines the life-giving light of the gospel on the things that leave us feeling worthless and rejected, giving us courage us to walk out of shame’s shadows and offering hope for our bondage to brokenness. Through the gospel, we discover the only real and lasting antidote to shame: exchanging our shame for the righteousness of Christ alongside others on this same journey.

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Heather Nelson

Heather Davis Nelson (MA, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a writer, counselor, and speaker. Heather writes regularly at HeatherDavisNelson.com and has been a featured writer at the Gospel Coalition, as well as a contributing author to the Journal of Biblical Counseling. She and her husband are parents to twin daughters and live in southeastern Virginia. She is the author of Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame.

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Published: June 30, 2016


“Heather Davis Nelson has written a wonderful work on the topic of shame. She brilliantly weaves her own stories and those of others into the larger story of what God does with our shame. She fearlessly brings the light of Jesus to shine in the dark recesses of our souls as she helps to free us from the pain of shame.”
Paul E. Miller, author, A Praying Life; J-Curve; and A Praying Church

“Most of us can quickly point to a shame story from our past—that moment when we believed that we were shunnable, rejectable, and maybe even despicable. We, as heirs of God, so often live with a low level of misery caused by shame, even though Jesus came to set us free. In her insightful new book, Unashamed, Heather Davis Nelson explores the chains that bind us and then reminds us that we’re not just ex-sinners; we are saints who have been made new. Like a trusted friend, who also happens to be a therapist, Heather walks you to a place of freedom so you can be all Jesus intended you to be.”
Susie Larson, national speaker; radio host, Live the Promise with Susie Larson; author, Your Beautiful Purpose

Unashamed proclaims that Jesus Christ secures freedom, honor, and glory for us and applies that truth to the many ways we all suffer shame. Because shame makes us feel naked, filthy, and excluded, we need to know the healing that comes from God’s declaration that in Christ we are clothed, clean, and accepted into the family of God.”
Justin and Lindsey Holcomb, authors, God Made All of MeRid of My Disgrace, and Is it My Fault? 

“It is difficult to understand shame apart from the gospel. This book is all about the great exchange: shame for beauty. It will flood your soul with life and give you a breath of fresh air. Heather has given all of us who counsel—and all of us who struggle—a gift.”
Rod Mays, Adjunct Professor of Counseling, Reformed Theological Seminary; Executive Pastor, Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina

“Heather Davis Nelson speaks from an authentic heart on a subject too painful and embarrassing for most to admit they struggle with. Unashamed is much more than informative or inspirational. This book could be life-changing. Heather does a beautiful job uncovering the amazing story of grace and redemption, showing how Christ can break the endless cycle of shame that leaves so many in bondage. I highly recommend Unashamed for anyone who desires to live a life of freedom and hope found in Christ, and for anyone who desires to point others to see beyond their shame and live victoriously.”
Monica Rose Brennan, Associate Professor and Director of Women’s Ministries, Liberty University

“Heather Davis Nelson has made a significant contribution to addressing the critical topic of shame, which is often ignored or misunderstood among the people of God. I declare myself her debtor for the help her work has been to my own sanctification.”
Joseph V. NovensonPastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

Unashamed helped me see my misplaced shame and accept the freedom and love Jesus Christ offers me every day. I’m thankful for Heather’s heartfelt approach. Here is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and biblical work.”
Trisha R. Wilkerson, author, Everyday Worship; biblical counselor

“Shame is a paralyzing, life-hindering reality we all experience. Unashamed, written by my dear friend Heather Davis Nelson, is not a book written primarily from her writing desk or her counselor’s office. This book was written from her personal faith journey through shame as she has sought to abide in Jesus and his Word through tears, pain, and faith crises. This is what makes the book so powerful. This is why I recommend the book for anyone. It is a signpost to Jesus and his healing, transforming gospel.”
Ellen Mary Dykas, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Harvest USA; editor, Sexual Sanity for Women

“Heather Nelson has refreshingly and freely brought to light a topic that isn’t discussed much in Christian circles. I found myself breathing many sighs of relief as I realized I wasn’t alone in my experiences of shame. Heather continually pointed me to the only One who can fully cover and release me.”
Julie Courtney, Director of Women’s Ministries, seeJesus

"Nelson draws on her work as a counselor and her education at Westminster Theological Seminary for this probing look at shame and its effects on many corners of our lives. . . . Nelson's choice to ground the topic firmly in scripture and counseling experience offer a valuable framework for addressing shame."
Publishers Weekly