Introducing Emblems of the Infinite King

A Journey through Systematic Theology

In an imaginative journey through the grand story of the universe, Emblems of the Infinite King: Enter the Knowledge of the Living God by J. Ryan Lister introduces kids ages 10+ to God’s radiant beauty using the main categories of systematic theology: God, humanity, sin, Christ, the Holy Spirit, salvation, the church, and last things.

Full of captivating illustrated “emblems” meant to symbolize key facets of Christian doctrine, this unique book seeks to bring theological truths from words to life. The creative design combined with rich theology will challenge young readers to search God’s word for important answers to big questions about themselves, God, and the gospel.

What People Are Saying

“When sound systematic theology is conveyed to kids in a vibrant and accessible way, it is a victory to be celebrated. Emblems of the Infinite King does this, and I enthusiastically recommend it!”
Randy Alcorn, author, Heaven; If God Is Good; and Hand in Hand

Emblems of the Infinite King may be the coolest theology textbook the world has ever seen. But it’s not style at the expense of substance. Each lesson is concise, approachable, and packed with theological insight. The words and the illustrations work in tandem to communicate profound truth. For Christian parents, educators, youth pastors, and young people, this is an essential new resource.”
Brett McCracken, Senior Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, Uncomfortable and Hipster Christianity

“It is probably the greatest challenge for an artist to visualize biblical teaching. To bring something true and beautiful to the point without falling into clichés and yet remain fresh and innovative is something that very few artists succeed in doing. Anthony Benedetto did just that with his illustrations for Emblems of the Infinite King. An extraordinary achievement that will help many young readers to get to know the true God of the Bible better.”
Peter Voth, designer; illustrator

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