Journaling in Your Bible

A Worthwhile Discipline

The discipline of journaling is as varied as the people who practice it. It ranges from recording day-to-day activities in a notebook to blogging online about current events, favorite books, or the progress of a DIY project. Perhaps most meaningfully, many Christians find journaling about their walk with God to be an important part of their Christian life.

For example, some believers journal to record their prayers, reflect on a recent sermon, or to mark a milestone in their relationship with God. The content of our journaling might be purely private, or it might be written to share with others (as Tim Keesee does, author of Dispatches from the Front).

Another unique way to journal is to do so in your Bible.

ESV Journaling Bibles

The ESV Journaling Bible and the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible were designed especially for those who enjoy the discipline of journaling.

The generous 2-inch ruled margins provide enough space to record notes, prayers, or artistic expression of the Bible text. We've also heard that families often use these editions as a place to keep track of meaningful milestones and lessons they're learning together. Some parents are thinking long-term and are recording their spiritual journey to one day pass along to their children as a meaningful gift.

Two Options

Crossway has two options available, a double-column format or a single-column format:

Size dimensions:

  • Journaling Bible: 6.25” x 7.25”
  • Single Column Journaling Bible: 6.25” x 8”

There are more than 10 cover designs available, but here are some favorites:

Tips for Journaling

Some helpful articles on this topic from around the web:

Journaling alongside your Bible:

Journaling in your Bible:

How Do You Use Your Journaling Bible?

We'd love to see how you use your ESV Journaling Bible! Take a picture of some recent journaling and post it either on the ESV Bible Facebook page, or on Twitter with the hashtag #journalingbible.

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