November and December 2021 New Releases

New Books and Bibles

Below is a list of the new and notable resources releasing from Crossway. Titles include Bread of Life by Abigail Dodds, Be Thou My Vision by Jonathan Gibson, and the ESV Heirloom Bible in three new editions.


Bread of Life: Savoring the All-Satisfying Goodness of Jesus through the Art of Bread Making

Abigail Dodds

In Bread of Life, Abigail Dodds—an avid baker and mother of 5—invites readers to ponder and celebrate God’s spiritual and physical provision in Christ through the hands-on art of bread making. Offering readers easy-to-follow directions for everything from focaccia to chocolate babka along with full-color photographs throughout, this unique book is an enriching blend of devotional meditations and recipes that invites readers to ponder the true bread of life as they bake for their families and friends.

Bread of Life gave me the tools and motivation to get my hands covered in flour and my family feasting on fresh-baked bread. But Abigail’s words go far beyond baking—she compels me to eat and enjoy the bread of life himself. This book is for women who are hungry for something this world hasn’t been able to provide—who want to cultivate an appetite that can taste the Lord’s goodness without an undertone of cynicism, scoffing, and suspicion. I’m so grateful for the words of this sage older sister in Christ.”
Emily Jensen, coauthor, Risen Motherhood: Gospel Hope for Everyday Moments; Cofounder and Content Director, Risen Motherhood

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The Septuagint: What It Is and Why It Matters

Gregory R. Lanier and William A. Ross

Most people think that the Septuagint—the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament—is only for scholars. But understanding even the basics about the Septuagint is helpful for academics and laypeople alike. In this book, scholars Gregory R. Lanier and William A. Ross examine what the Septuagint is and why Christians should care about it.

“It is good to have Lanier and Ross as reliable guides to the tricky but fascinating domain of the Greek Old Testament. Their short introduction is a rare achievement: introducing the complexities behind the term ‘Septuagint’ in a simple way without compromising accuracy. An excellent book.”
Peter J. Williams, Principal, Tyndale House, Cambridge

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The Joy of Hearing: A Theology of the Book of Revelation

Thomas R. Schreiner

The book of Revelation can feel more intimidating to read than other books of the Bible. It invites readers into a world that seems confusing and sometimes even strange: golden lampstands, seven seals, a dragon, and a rider on a white horse. But at its core, Revelation is a message of hope written to Christians facing hardship, and it’s worth the effort to read it and understand it. In this first volume in the New Testament Theology series, trusted scholar Thomas Schreiner walks step-by-step through the book of Revelation, considering its many themes.

“Tom Schreiner has provided a lucid and well-balanced overview of the book of Revelation—no small feat! He draws on the best contemporary scholarship treating the book but does not burden the reader with excessive scholarly debate. He is clear in his own convictions but charitable to those with whom he disagrees, and he is honest enough to admit when a given text remains perplexing. Anyone looking to understand the Apocalypse will greatly benefit from Schreiner’s discussion.”
Sean M. McDonough, Professor of New Testament, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; author, YHWH at Patmos

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After Emmaus: How the Church Fulfills the Mission of Christ

Brian Tabb

In After Emmaus, Brian J. Tabb uses Luke 24:46–47 as a springboard to answer the question: Did the Old Testament simply point to Christ and his coming as Messiah, or is there more to the story? Laying the foundation with the books of Luke and Acts, Tabb encourages readers to study their Bibles with greater attentiveness to discover how the story of redemption foretold in the Old Testament is fulfilled in Christ, is reflected in the apostles’ ministry, and continues today through the mission of the church.

“Brian Tabb takes us back to the sources, showing us the fulfillment of the Scriptures in Jesus’s ministry. What stands out is the relationship between Christology and mission. Often these two themes are studied separately, but Tabb shows us that they are intertwined. This deft and insightful study shines a fresh light on what God accomplished through his Spirit in Christ, and it inspires us today when we recognize that God’s great promises are still being fulfilled.”
Thomas R. Schreiner, James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

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Be Thou My Vision: A Liturgy for Daily Worship

Jonathan Gibson

Every Christian knows the importance of a daily quiet time with the Lord. But anyone who’s been a believer long enough has likely experienced seasons that feel more mundane or routine, leading to aimlessly skimming a couple of Bible verses or praying the same prayer over and over. In Be Thou My Vision, Jonathan Gibson has created a 31-day liturgical guide designed to provide structure to the daily worship of individuals and families.

“Jonny Gibson’s new liturgical guide to personal or family worship is a gem! Evangelicals need enrichment of the ‘daily quiet time,’ which has traditionally been little more than Bible study and intercessory prayer. While many have turned to a variety of traditions that are less than gospel- or word-centered, in Be Thou My Vision Jonny connects us to the Reformation’s historic forms of prayer and confession, catechesis, and the lectio continua reading of Scripture. It’s a feast, and while providing only thirty-one days of different prayers, I believe the book can be profitably used all year, and year after year. Get it and use it!”
—Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

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Nine Marks of a Healthy Church (4th Edition)

Mark Dever

There is no such thing as a perfect church—but there is such a thing as a healthy church. So what distinguishes a healthy church from an unhealthy one? Now in its fourth edition, Nine Marks of a Healthy Church is designed to walk readers through this very question.

“I don't remember who put Nine Marks of a Healthy Church in my hand almost twenty years ago, but it’s a resource that shaped me deeply. I return to it frequently as I try to faithfully shepherd at the Village Church and plant healthy churches through Acts 29. The church needs a strong ecclesiology if she will faithfully fulfill her God-given mission, and this book is a foundational read for pastors across denominations and philosophies of ministry.”
Matt Chandler, Lead Pastor, The Village Church

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New Morning Mercies (Note-Taking Edition)

Paul David Tripp

This new edition of Paul David Tripp’s best-selling devotional New Morning Mercies has been updated with space in the margins for note taking, encouraging readers to reflect on the devotional content. Each of the 366 readings begins with a compelling, gospel-centered thought, followed by an extended meditation.

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Rediscover Church Study Guide: Why the Body of Christ Is Essential

Jonathan Leeman and Collin Hansen

Over the course of 9 lessons, this companion to the book Rediscover Church emphasizes the significance of face-to-face fellowship with the family of Christ. Through guided study, Bible passages, and discussion questions, readers will find help to reengage with their local church.

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The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge, with Dictionary

Reflecting decades of scholarly advances, The Greek New Testament, Produced at Tyndale House, Cambridge was created under the oversight of editors Dr. Dirk Jongkind (St. Edmund’s College, University of Cambridge) and Dr. Peter Williams (Tyndale House, Cambridge). This edition features an exhaustive dictionary, giving readers a tool for rewarding study. Eliminating the need to frequently reference other materials, this resource with the added dictionary is ideal for students, pastors, and those who are less familiar with Greek.

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ESV Heirloom Bibles

Created with the highest-quality materials available, three new editions of the ESV Heirloom Bible are printed and bound with superior craftsmanship by Royal Jongbloed in the Netherlands. All of Crossway’s Heirloom Bibles are printed on high-quality European Bible paper and feature elegant red over gold art gilding, 4 ribbon markers, extra smooth Smyth-sewn binding, and a premium leather cover in either goatskin or Horween leather.

Goatskin leather covers are composed of vegetable tanned goat skins that originate in India, are re-tanned, dyed, and hand finished in the UK. Horween leather is produced by skilled craftsmen at the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, renowned for their high-end leathers for over 100 years. Constructed with the highest grade of cowhide, Horween Bibles feature a deep brown cover that is beautifully rugged, flexible, and develops character over time.

Each Bible comes packaged in a deluxe two-piece box. Manufactured with care and precision, ESV Heirloom Bibles will be cherished by readers for a lifetime.

ESV Heirloom Bible, Legacy Edition

Horween Leather

The Heirloom Bible, Legacy Edition is modeled after the Renaissance ideal of a perfect page—featuring a simple, clear layout with generous margins. The Bible is 6” x 9” with single-column formatting in 9-point type.

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ESV Heirloom Bible, Heritage Edition

Horween Leather

The Heirloom Bible, Heritage Edition is more compact at 5.5” x 8.25” and has a simple, straightforward layout with generous margins. Other features include a single-column layout, 9.25-point font, and line matching.

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ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition

Horween Leather

The ESV Heirloom Bible, Omega Edition combines elegance with readability. This edition uses a large font size for an easy reading experience and includes footnotes and cross-references located at the bottom of each page. The Bible is 6.125” x 9.125” with 10.5-point type.

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