Old Testament Wisdom for Today: A 6-Day Devotional

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Is the Old Testament Still Relevant?

The Old Testament can be a little intimidating for some. How does the law fit in with the teachings of Jesus? What are we to do with the instructions on building the temple? How do we make sense of some of the more confounding passages of wisdom literature?

In his book, 6 Ways the Old Testament Speaks Today, Alec Motyer says:

Do you find the Old Testament more than a little bit daunting? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many, many people do. And really, it’s no wonder. The first part of our Bibles is a large book; it often seems remote from our present-day needs and ways; not all its material is easy to grasp; it even gives the impression of lots of wars; and when we come to grips with its main characters, we find rascals among the saints. Besides all this, the real question arises: why bother about the Old when we are the people of the New?

But all those first impressions give the wrong idea. The Old Testament is not really like that at all. Actually, it is a rather spectacular piece of countryside, full of interest, and (wonderfully) speaking directly to us, our situations, and our needs.

A New Reading Plan

This 6-day devotional pairs readings with passages from Scripture, shedding light on their meaning and relevance for all Christians.

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