Practical Help for Times of Trouble

5 Ways God Helps Us

The things that have helped me in times of trouble are the ordinary things that God talks about in his Word.

Experiencing his beauty in creation, being outdoors, and being reminded of his goodness and beauty have been helpful.

Prayer is a very significant help. The prayers of other people for me, their love that comes through those prayers, and the way that God answers their faithful prayers. Also my own experience with prayer and crying out to the Lord in times of trouble.

The worship and the sacraments of the church are very significant. The Lord’s Supper is for our spiritual nourishment and that’s particularly important in times of trouble.

When Trouble Comes

Philip Graham Ryken

Exploring the universal nature of suffering, this book uses personal anecdotes and biblical examples to illustrate the strength that God offers to those with trouble of any kind—reminding sufferers that they are never alone.

The presence of caring Christian friends, the community of God’s people, is important. They may have occasional counsel that is helpful. But certainly their words of encouragement, and even simply their presence, make a difference.

And then especially the Word of God and his promises, which apply to every difficulty that we face, are vital.

These are some of the things that God uses to help people in times of trouble.

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