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An Antidote to Spiritual Amnesia

David Murray

We forget we were saved by God. We forget the suffering required to save us. We forget to worship God for saving us. What’s the antidote for such serious spiritual amnesia?

What Did Jesus Teach about Discipleship?

Peter Orr

Jesus’s instruction about discipleship applies to all (i.e., not simply the twelve) who want to follow him and includes three elements: denying oneself, taking up one’s cross, and following him.

What Do Angels Do?

John MacArthur

Revelation 5:8–12 portrays a similar scene, with multiplied thousands of voices singing of the worthiness of God and the Lamb. That is the song of heaven. I cannot wait to hear it.

5 Myths about Porn

Ray Ortlund

Porn is Satanic. Why do I say that? Because the world of porn is infested with lies. Porn needs lies and myths to keep going.

Earthly Categories for Spiritual Things

Joe Rigney

General revelation works both directly and indirectly. It works directly by creating categories in our minds and hearts for knowing God. This is direct because we move straight from the made thing to God himself.

How to Pray for Peace

Erika Allen

The Bible promises that in Jesus, we have peace. But when our circumstances and our emotions threaten us with despair, it doesn’t always feel like that is the case.

Have We Undervalued Baptism?

Tim Chester

However baptism is conducted, we go under the water as a picture of our death with Christ and we rise up from the water as a picture of our resurrection with Christ.

The Believe-in-Yourself Gospel

Jen Oshman

We’re a generation that has been raised on spiritual fast food, and we’re sick. It’s time for us to sit down at the table, linger, and sup on the feast the King has for us.