The Best Reason to Read the Bible

The Real Goal of Bible Study

A lot of people think that the reason they are to study the Bible is so that they can know the Bible well. But when we study the Bible, we should always be coming to an increased knowledge of God that leads to an increased love of God.

There’s really never been a truer statement than, "To know him is to love him." When we see his character revealed in the Scriptures, we cannot help but increase in our affection for him and feel awe and reverence toward him. Both of those things reorient us toward our circumstances in a way that we wouldn't otherwise be oriented.

That's one of the reasons that anytime I talk to people about studying the Bible, I ask them to look first for what the text says about God. Because that is the understanding that should shape the rest of our understanding of what the text is saying to us.

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