The Most Comprehensive Critique of Theistic Evolution Yet Produced

Where Do We Come From?

The debate about biological origins continues to be hotly contested within the Christian church.

Prominent organizations such as Biologos (USA) and Faraday Institute (UK) insist that Christians must yield to an unassailable scientific consensus in favor of contemporary evolutionary theory and modify traditional biblical ideas about the creation of life accordingly. They promote a view known as “theistic evolution” or “evolutionary creation.” They argue that God used—albeit in an undetectable way—evolutionary mechanisms to produce all forms of life. This book contests this proposal.

Edited by J. P. Moreland, Stephen Meyer, Christopher Shaw, Ann Gauger, and Wayne Grudem and featuring contributions from two dozen highly credentialed scientists, philosophers, and theologians from Europe and North America, Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique provides the most comprehensive critique of theistic evolution yet produced. It documents evidential, logical, and theological problems with theistic evolution, opening the door to scientific and theological alternatives—making the book essential reading for understanding this worldview-shaping issue.

Michael J. Behe, author of Darwin’s Black Box, writes,

Theistic evolution means different things to different people. This book carefully identifies, and thoroughly debunks, an insidious, all-too-commonly accepted sense of the phrase even among Christians: that there is no physical reason to suspect life was designed, and that evolution proceeded in the unguided, unplanned manner Darwin himself championed.

Angus Menuge, president of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, writes,

Repeating the error of medieval Christianity, theistic evolution absolutizes the words of finite, fallible humans and relativizes the Word of an infinite, infallible God. As this tremendous and timely collection thoroughly demonstrates, scientific stagnation, circular philosophy, and heterodox theology are the inevitable results. This is simply the best critique of theistic evolution available.

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