The Ultimate Hope for the Pro-Life Movement Is Still the Gospel

What We Need More than Lobbyists

Certainly, we need lawmakers and lobbyists that will encourage state legislators to pass pro-life laws to protect unborn babies. We need women and men volunteering in pregnancy centers to help women and their communities support these women as they're facing unplanned pregnancies. We need people on the streets explaining the science of unborn life, people giving free ultrasounds so that women can see the reality of unborn life.

The Story of Abortion in America

Marvin Olasky, Leah Savas

Authors Marvin Olasky and Leah Savas detail the long history of abortion and its impact on American culture through vivid personal stories that humanize people on both sides of the debate.

Those are all very important, but ultimately, abortion is an issue of the heart. People can know the reality, the science of abortion, and still think that abortion is the best solution to a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy. So those people need to understand what God's law actually says about unborn life, what it says about murder. And they need to have a change of heart to understand, to not just know that the unborn baby is a human, but to also know that we need to value and care for that unborn neighbor of ours.

There's no sin too big for him to not forgive.

So ultimately, that heart-change is not going to come just through new laws or through knowing the science, but through Christ. So we need to be sharing the gospel with the world. We need to be sharing God's Word with the world. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus in serving people. But Jesus himself came to preach and to share the good news.

So we need to be also sharing that good news of the hope that we have in Christ, the truth of what God's Word says about what murder is and about what abortion is, and the reality that even if you have been involved in an abortion, there is great salvation in Jesus Christ. There's no sin too big for him to not forgive. There's no sin too big that he did not take the punishment for it when he died on the cross.

Leah Savas is coauthor with Marvin Olasky of The Story of Abortion in America: A Street-Level History, 1652–2022.

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