Video: Don Whitney on the Benefit of Praying the Bible

In this video, Justin Taylor sits down with Don Whitney to discuss what it means to pray through God's Word. Whitney is the author of Praying the Bible.


  • 00:00 - What is your ministry background?
  • 00:54 - As you travel around the country, what are some of the common complaints you hear from Christians related to their prayer lives?
  • 02:19 - What would you say to someone who feels like a failure in prayer?
  • 04:40 - What areas of Scripture are particularly conducive for prayer?
  • 05:47 - What are the Psalms of the Day?
  • 07:55 - Can you illustrate praying through Psalm 23?
  • 11:51 - How will praying the Bible help us remain focused in prayer?
  • 13:37 - What are the sorts of testimonies you hear from people who have started praying the Bible?

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