Video: John Piper Speaks at Wheaton College

John Piper recently spoke at Wheaton College, addressing the community with a talk entitled "Race, Repentance, and Rejoicing: Ethnicity in the Christian Church". You can watch the talk and listen in on the panel discussion and Q&A time here.


  • 00:15—Dr. Ryken, President of Wheaton College, welcomes listeners and introduces John Piper.
  • 03:17—Dr. Ryken introduces the panel: Lisa Fort, David Choi, and Al Guerra. Vince Bacote serves as the moderator.
  • 04:55—Piper begins his address.
  • 46:25—Danny Aguilar share about Wheaton's heart for diversity.
  • 51:50—Panel discussion begins with each panelist sharing their opening thoughts.
  • 1:12:26—Beginning of Q&A (questions were submitted by those in attendance)

We hope that this call for unity within the body of Christ is an encouragement to you. If you're interested in learning more about Bloodlines, we invite you to read a chapter or watch the book trailer.

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