Video: The Joy of Calvinism

Calvinists and their theology have a less than positive reputation—stodgy, uptight, and arrogant are commonly used adjectives to describe this group. Justin Taylor recently sat down with Greg Forster, author of The Joy of Calvinism, who asserts that Calvinism is a largely misunderstood tradition that is ultimately about joy and the love of a God who saves.


  • 00:00 — Introduction
  • 00:21 — Forster's Background - "I was lead to Christ by a man who's been dead for 300 years."
  • 03:29 — The theme of God's love in Calvinism
  • 04:35 — What does Calvinism "taste like?"
  • 06:34 — Calvin's soteriology
  • 07:21 — TULIP: Our simplification of the "5 points"
  • 09:15 — The value of TULIP in highlighting the trinitarian nature of Calvinism
  • 11:02 — The value of TULIP in negating the views Calvinism does not hold
  • 11:25 — A few problems with TULIP
  • 13:34 — Calvinism from the perspective of God's love
  • 14:33 — A strange fact: Calvinism is drenched in joy
  • 17:03 — The advantage of a layman's perspective
  • 19:19 — Greg's vision for the book in the Church
  • 19:36 — Why you should read this if you're not a Calvinist
  • 20:40 — Why you should read this if you are a Calvinist
  • 21:54 — Wrap-up: The Joy of Calvinism afresh

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