What Can I Give to a Grieving Person?

Share the Gift of Memories

So often, we want to know what we can give as a gift to someone who is going through grief—something that we can do for them that would be really helpful. I’ve got a great idea.

I suggest that you go through your photo files and look to see if you have any pictures of the person who has died that their loved ones might not have. What happens over the course of grief is our memories of the person who has died begin to be confined to those that we have pictures of. And when someone finds a photo of the person you loved that we have never seen or haven’t seen for a long time, it’s almost like getting that person back, for just a few minutes.

What Grieving People Wish You Knew about What Really Helps (and What Really Hurts)

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Practical and down-to-earth, this short guide will equip you to come alongside a loved one who is hurting and offer comfort in ways that really help.

So find that photo, make a copy of it, and give it to them. Perhaps post it on Facebook and let people know what you remember about that moment and about that person. That’s an incredible gift, one that doesn’t cost anything but a bit of effort.

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