What Is Our Friendship with God Supposed to Look Like?

God Communicates to Us

The good news is our role isn’t nearly as complicated as we might be tempted to think. We think that communion with God, or friendship with God, is some sort of secret, mystical, spiritual experience. We think you need to be a monk or a guru and have some kind of special insight in order to have a relationship with God.

But actually, John Owen describes our relationship with God as his communication of himself to us and our return to him of what he requires and accepts. That is to say that our friendship with God is that he communicates to us what he’s like—what pleases him, what plans he has, what delights him—and then our role is to return to him what he requires and accepts.

Friendship with God

Mike McKinley

What does it mean to be friends with God? Each chapter of this book takes a key insight from John Owen’s Communion with God and clarifies it for modern readers. 

And when you look at Scripture, that includes things like joy, delight in him, love for him, obedience about prayer, searching the Scriptures, and listening to God’s word being preached so that we can know him better and participate in the life of the church. Those are the the things that we do in order to express or return to God what he’s given to us. And that’s how we have a friendship with him.

Mike McKinley is the author of Friendship with God: A Path to Deeper Fellowship with the Father, Son, and Spirit.

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