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God’s Direct Speech

Don't feel ashamed if you’ve fallen away from regular Bible reading—it's not uncommon. It's actually kind of hard to make it a habitual thing in your life in this age of constant distraction. I find it hard too. We're conditioned in today's world to look at our phone right when we wake up because we wonder, What did I miss? What happened overnight? It's the last thing we do at night. There's so much that we can fill our minds and our attention with, and the Bible can sometimes fall onto the back burner. So I get it. Don't feel ashamed about that.

The Bible is a pretty difficult book. It's not the easiest read, right? There's a distance from us across time and culture, so twenty-first century Christians can have a hard time understanding it. So I understand why it's hard to make the Bible a regular part of your information diet. But at the same time, we need to remember that this is God's direct speech to us. His word is the source of wisdom. It is God himself speaking to us. That's a pretty amazing thing, right?

The Wisdom Pyramid

Brett McCracken

Helping believers navigate today’s media-saturated culture, Brett McCracken presents a biblical case for wisdom. Using the illustration of a Wisdom Pyramid, he points readers to more lasting and reliable sources of wisdom—not for their own glorification, but ultimately for God’s.

Sometimes we take the Bible for granted, but take a step back and realize that the book that we have in our hands is the eternal God of the universe directly revealing himself to us. That's miraculous and amazing in a world of such chaos and uncertainty where we really don't know what to trust. When something comes along in the news that scares us or makes us anxious, it's so great that we have this Bible that we can turn to. We know that what we're going to find there is true because it comes from God himself. That's an amazing thing.

We know that what we're going to find in the Bible is true because it comes from God himself.

Even though it's hard and even though it's going to take a lot of intention to make daily Bible reading a practice, it's so important. It's the only infallible source we have. We really can't become wise without Scripture. When we read Scripture, remember we're encountering God himself. This is our closest encounter with the mind of God—wisdom incarnate—and so the more we do it, the wiser we'll be.

Brett McCracken is the author of The Wisdom Pyramid: Feeding Your Soul in a Post-Truth World.

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