Why I Wrote a Book about Helping the Hurting

This Book Is for Everyone

I wrote this book because all of us have hurting people in our lives. It might be a spouse struggling with depression, a child with a disability, an aging parent, a fellow church member with cancer, or a neighbor suffering the loss of a family member. In a fallen world, we’re surrounded by pain and suffering this side of eternity. What took me over the edge to write Being There was when I realized that while my physical pain and emotional stress is difficult, it didn’t just affect me—it affected all of the people around me.

My pain affected my fellow church staff and church members that have to care for a disabled pastor. There are things I simply can’t do on my own. It means my children don’t have a dad who can pick them up or help them with their toys. Perhaps most of all it affects my wife, whose life has greatly changed as a result of my health. She does all the driving, all the housework, changes every diaper, helps me get dressed, and manages my day every single day.

I wrote this book because spouses, parents, children, siblings, neighbors and friends all have hurting people in their lives. And I wrote it because all of us—the hurting and those who care for the hurting—need hope and encouragement from God’s Word.

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