Art and the Christian Mind: The Life and Work of H. R. Rookmaaker

By Laurel Gasque

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Art and the Christian Mind: The Life and Work of H. R. Rookmaaker

By Laurel Gasque

Hans Rookmaaker's impact on the arts in the twentieth century was enormous. His wide range of intellectual and cultural concerns led him to explore many aspects of art, music, and philosophy during his lifetime, and he made important contributions as an art historian, professor, mentor, thinker, and author.

Laurel Gasque examines Rookmaaker's life and shows how he incorporated his biblical beliefs into his teaching, writing, and interaction with the arts and individuals. She also explores the development of Rookmaaker's friendship with Francis A. Schaeffer and how each influenced the other, especially in grasping the vision that became L'Abri Fellowship.

Gasque has rich material to draw from, including personal memories of her mentor and friend, conversations with Rookmaaker's family members, and the body of work he left behind. Her careful research and engaging writing style make this book an outstanding contribution to the world of Christian biography.


Laurel Gasque

Laurel Gasque is a cultural historian, author, and lecturer who works with faculty and graduate students for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada. She serves on the board of Image: A Journal of the Arts & Religion and is a contributing editor of Radix and a consulting editor of Christian History & Biography.

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