Confident Witness: Evangelism and Apologetics for the 21st Century

Edited by David S. Dockery, Contributions by Christopher W. Morgan, K. Erik Thoennes, Harry Lee Poe, Dan DeWitt, Robert B. Sloan Jr., Jim Denison, David Gustafson, David Kotter, Travis Dickinson, Anna Daub, Tim McKnight, Susan Booth

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Confident Witness: Evangelism and Apologetics for the 21st Century

Edited by David S. Dockery, Contributions by Christopher W. Morgan, K. Erik Thoennes, Harry Lee Poe, Dan DeWitt, Robert B. Sloan Jr., Jim Denison, David Gustafson, David Kotter, Travis Dickinson, Anna Daub, Tim McKnight, Susan Booth

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Essay Collection Offers Colleges and Students a Practical Introduction to Evangelism

Inclusivism, universalism, and other secular cultural trends are dominating higher education and the world at large. Are Christian universities making the most of their unique position to advance the gospel in the 21st century?

Compiling essays from various Christian scholars, Confident Witness helps educators and students understand the importance of evangelism in every generation. Edited by David S. Dockery, president of the International Alliance for Christian Education, the chapters cover a variety of topics, including the theological foundation of evangelism; discipleship and apologetics; evangelism in church history; and evangelism in a post-Christian context. Uniting influential voices in Christian higher education, Confident Witness challenges students to take an active part in God’s salvation work through direct, urgent communication of the gospel.

  • Insightful Introduction to Evangelism: Edited by David S. Dockery, with contributors from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Biola University, Colorado Christian University, and more
  • Practical: Calls on leaders in Christian higher education to prioritize instruction around evangelism and prepare students to share the gospel
  • Comprehensive: Analyzes evangelism in Scripture and throughout church history, local and global evangelism, contextualization, and more
  • Ideal for College Students and Those Interested in Apologetics: Each chapter concludes with reflection questions and a list of resources for further study


David S. Dockery

David S. Dockery (PhD, University of Texas System) serves as president of the International Alliance for Christian Education as well as president and distinguished professor of theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Previously, he served as president of Union University and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He is a much-sought-after speaker and lecturer, a former consulting editor for Christianity Today, and the author or editor of more than forty books. Dockery and his wife, Lanese, have three married sons and seven grandchildren.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction – David S. Dockery, President, International Alliance for Christian Education
Chapter 2: What Is Evangelism? – Robert B. Sloan, President, Houston Baptist University
Chapter 3: The Nature of Scripture and Our Evangelism – Chris Morgan, Dean, California Baptist University
Chapter 4: A Theology of Evangelism: Biblical and Theological Foundations – Erik Thoennes, Professor of Theology and Chair of Biblical and Theological Studies, Biola University
Chapter 5: Evangelism in the History of the Church – David Gustafson, Chair, Mission and Evangelism, and Associate Professor of Evangelism and Missional Ministry, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Chapter 6: New Testament Practices of Evangelism and Apologetics – David Kotter, Professor of New Testament and Dean, Colorado Christian University
Chapter 7: Evangelism in a Post-Christian Context: Marrying Truth with Compassion – Jim Denison, President, Denison Forum and Mark Legg, Denison Forum
Chapter 8: Putting Apologetics in Its Place: The Role of Case-Making in Evangelism – Travis Dickinson, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Apologetics, Dallas Baptist University
Chapter 9: Learning from C. S. Lewis: Apologetic Approaches for Various Contexts – Harry Lee Poe, Charles Colson University Professor of Faith and Culture, Union University
Chapter 10: Evangelism for All Peoples: A Global Commission with Implications for the Global Church and the Work of Global Christian Higher Education – Anna Daub, Director of Special Projects and Partnerships for Global Theological Initiatives, Southeastern Seminary
Chapter 11: The Place of Cultivating, Planting, and Reaping – Tim McKnight, Associate Professor of Christian Studies, Anderson University
Chapter 12: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit and Prayer – Susan Booth, Professor of Evangelism and Missions, Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary and College
Chapter 13: Of Moths and Multiplication – Daniel DeWitt, Executive Director of Worldview Analysis and Cultural Engagement, Southwest Baptist University
Chapter 14: Christian Higher Education, the Church, Evangelism, and Discipleship – Freddy Cardoza, Dean, Grace College and Seminary



“Witnessing for Christ with compassion and joy, without fear and guilt—that is the theme of this wonderful book. Christians generally know that Christ commissioned his disciples to baptize people throughout the world in the triune name and to teach them to follow him. The writers of this book recognize that sometimes we feel inadequate for that mission. In winsome, readable prose, they provide wise counsel on how those hesitant to witness for Christ might do so. This is a book for all of us to contemplate in our endeavor to witness for Christ with confidence, compassion, and joy.”
John D. Woodbridge, Research Professor of Church History and Christian Thought, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“David Dockery has assembled an A-team of scholars and practitioners to contribute to this work. They know the Christian college setting well and speak powerfully into that unique context. Colleges shape leaders for society and the church, and I am grateful students will have this excellent resource from which to glean much wisdom in evangelism and apologetics.”
Timothy K. Beougher, Billy Graham Professor of Evangelism, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, Invitation to Evangelism

“The gospel is the best news on the planet—the greatest people-changing, culture-transforming force in human history. It’s high time for the church, for this student generation, and for our Christian colleges to rediscover the mutual importance of evangelism and apologetics for the task of re-evangelizing the Western world. Confident Witness is a great tool to that end.”
Donald W. Sweeting, Chancellor, Colorado Christian University

Confident Witness offers a profound and heartfelt exploration of evangelism’s theological roots and practical application, providing valuable insights for believers eager to share their faith effectively. Through engaging contributions from various scholars, this book equips readers with a deeper understanding of the gospel message and deep insight on being an effective witness in today’s secularizing society. With an emphasis on theology, evangelism, and cultural engagement, Confident Witness inspires Christians to confidently proclaim the good news.”
Drew Flamm, President, Grace College and Grace Theological Seminary

“David Dockery has collected a rich and diverse trove of perspectives and wisdom on the nature and value of apologetics to equip and encourage a new generation.”
Cherie Harder, President, The Trinity Forum

“Jesus’s final marching orders to his earliest followers were to make disciples of people in all nations. This Great Commission remains the heart of the church’s mission. Confident Witness brings together scholar-practitioners, in a variety of academic disciplines and with a wealth of ministry experiences, who together offer a holistic case for a renewed commitment to the advance of the gospel. Readers will see the importance of cultivating postures, embracing practices, and building institutions that reinforce our obedience to the Great Commission in an increasingly post-Christian West—for the glory of God and the advance of his kingdom among all nations.”
Nathan A. Finn, Executive Director, Institute for Transformational Leadership; Professor of Faith and Culture, North Greenville University

“We have assigned chapters from Confident Witness to our undergraduate evangelism class at Wheaton. The result has been a most animated discussion of key issues and ideas in evangelism. This book is field-tested by students and receives an A+. It is a fantastic introduction, both in scope and in detail.”
Greg Anderson, Graduate School Chaplain, Wheaton College

“Beginning with the bedrock of biblical principles and historical observations, and moving to contemporary application, this extensive work presents a unified approach to evangelism and apologetics. Enriched by diverse voices and perspectives of scholars, it conveys indispensable insight tailored to Christian college students, serving as a cornerstone resource for those navigating the intersection of faith and academia. Confident Witness is a timely addition to the shelves of any student serious about gospel engagement.”
Carl J. Bradford, Dean, Texas Baptist College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary