Healing for a Broken World: Christian Perspectives on Public Policy

By Steve Monsma

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Healing for a Broken World: Christian Perspectives on Public Policy

By Steve Monsma

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Do today's believers know how to be not simply good citizens but good Christian citizens? Are they ready to respond to contemporary public policy issues such as genocide, global AIDS, global warming, and human trafficking according to Scripture rather than any particular political agenda? A growing segment of them are, even if they aren't quite sure how to accomplish it. This book is for them.

With American evangelicals having more political influence today than ever before, this book is especially important. The opening chapters establish the foundational biblical principles that are relevant to our lives as Christian citizens no matter the topic. Author Steve Monsma next highlights crucial global issues in which believers are called to live out their faith. Forgoing ready-made answers, Monsma encourages a reflective, thoroughly biblical response via a lively writing style. His book will equip all believers to make godly, humanitarian choices rather than purely political ones.

A DVD featuring a 10 minute introduction to each chapter of this book is available from Crossway at www.crossway.org or from the Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at www.calvin.edu/henry. It is ideal for use in classes and discussion groups.


Steve Monsma

Steve Monsma (PhD, Michigan State University) is a senior research fellow at the Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics at Calvin College and professor emeritus of political science at Pepperdine University. He was a Michigan state legislator from 1974 to 1982 and has published widely in the fields of church-state relations and faith-based nonprofit organizations. Steve lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with his wife, Mary. They have two adult children and four grandchildren.

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Published: February 29, 2008


"Steve Monsma avoids the modern-day tendency to believe that the kingdom of God will arrive on Air Force One. Instead he offers a balanced perspective on how Christians should engage in the political process. His solid biblical grounding, as well as his concrete applications of Christian principles to public policy, provides wise guidance."
Charles Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

"Urgent, compelling, readable. An important book on a crucial topic. Monsma's entire life-as a successful politician and a gifted professor of political science-has prepared him to write this clear, compelling book. Every Christian with any interest in politics should read it."
Ronald J. Sider, Senior Distinguished Professor of Theology, Holistic Ministry, and Public Policy, Palmer Theological Seminary      

"If you need to know in advance whether the author is a conservative or a liberal, you may not like Monsma's approach. He asks you to set aside such simplistic labels and ask instead what the Bible says about each of a dozen key public policy issues. And then if you disagree with some of his personal conclusions-just as he expects you to-you will appreciate his candor and honesty."
Joel Belz, Founder, WORLD magazine

"An important introduction to issues arising at the intersection of faith and politics, written from a disciplined Kuyperian/Calvinist theoretical stance and resulting in a nuanced centrist-evangelical perspective. This book is reader-friendly, biblical, holistic, and wise."
David Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Mercer University

"Monsma is one of the most important scholars writing on church-state issues today. This latest contribution is perhaps his finest work. It brings together his wide-ranging knowledge of the history of politics and jurisprudence with a theological seriousness that is often lacking in church-state scholarship."
Francis J. Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy and Church-State Studies and Associate Director of the Graduate Program in Philosophy, Baylor University