Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children

By Sam Crabtree

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Parenting with Loving Correction: Practical Help for Raising Young Children

By Sam Crabtree

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“A gospel-infused framework for the kind of loving correction that will help all of us train up a child in the way he or she should go.” 

Bob Lepine, Cohost, FamilyLife Today

Parenting can be a challenge. Sometimes it seems like all we do is give directions and all children do is disobey. How can we promote good behavior and a peaceful home without becoming harsh drill sergeants on the one hand or passive pushovers on the other?

This book aims to help you better understand loving correction through clear steps and practical tips aimed at transforming not only your children’s behavior but also their hearts. Rooted in three principles— keep it God-centered, always mean what you say, and reward obedience rather than disobedience—this is a guide to consistent, faithful discipline that mirrors the grace-giving, truth-speaking God of the Bible and sets the tone for a loving, joy-filled home.

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Sam Crabtree

Sam Crabtree is a pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he has served for over twenty years. He is a former public-school teacher, is the chairman of the board of Bethlehem College & Seminary, and is the author of Practicing Affirmation. Sam and his wife, Vicki, live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and have two daughters and six grandchildren.

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Published: January 31, 2019

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Parent’s Longing

Part One: What’s at Stake?

  1. Why the Struggle?
  2. When We Fail to Correct Our Children
  3. When We Faithfully Correct Our Children

Part Two: Essentials of Corrective Discipline

  1. Clarifying Our Aim
  2. Keep It God-Centered
  3. Speak Truth
  4. Reward Obedience, Not Disobedience

Part Three: Getting Practical

  1. Before You Correct
  2. In the Moment

Appendix: Questions from Parents
My Prayer for You
General Index
Scripture Index


“In a permissive culture that leaves parents unsure of their authority and confused about discipline, this book speaks with clarity, not only reminding parents that discipline is a critical element of parental love, but also showing parents how to practically discipline their children in a way that is consistent, God honoring, and productive.”
Paul David Tripp, author, New Morning Mercies: A Daily Gospel Devotional

“My wife and I were fortunate to attend a seminar on parenting young children featuring Sam Crabtree. He revealed the inconsistency and lack of logic often found in parenting young children and offered better alternatives. We were fortunate because we were able to take his wisdom and apply it to our children at just the right time. I have no doubt that many (if not all) parents experience the same sort of exasperation we did with our first child. And I have no doubt they will find Sam’s wisdom in Parenting with Loving Correction as helpful as we did.”
Paul K. Lim, MD, Trustee, Bethlehem College & Seminary; surgeon

“When my wife and I read this book, we immediately saw its value and wanted others to read it, so I was pleased when our small group agreed to go through it. But I was also a bit nervous—would the subject of parental discipline create conflict during group discussions because of differing parenting styles? Would the concept of correction (which is often considered in our culture to be overly negative) result in gloomy conversations? I needn’t have worried. Sam Crabtree uses definitions, Scripture, and helpful anecdotes to get everyone on the same page. His pastoral heart is shown in each chapter as he writes with care, grace, and humility. I can tell you from personal experience that this book yields fruitful discussion—and parenting. Chapter 3 ends with this statement: ‘There is great hope. And there is help.’ For the believing parent, there is. And you will find both in this book.”
Scott Jamison, small-group leader

“As parents, it can seem like we’re constantly training, correcting, and disciplining our children. Thankfully, Sam Crabtree has given us a gospel-infused framework for the kind of loving correction that will help all of us train up a child in the way he or she should go.”
Bob Lepine, Cohost, FamilyLife Today; Teaching Pastor, Redeemer Community Church, Little Rock, Arkansas