Predestination: An Introduction

By Andrew David Naselli, Series edited by Graham A. Cole, Oren R. Martin

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Predestination: An Introduction

By Andrew David Naselli, Series edited by Graham A. Cole, Oren R. Martin

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A Concise and Systematic Exploration of the Doctrine of Predestination 

How can God choose to save some and eternally punish others? What about my loved ones who are not believers? For many, contemplating predestination brings about fear, trepidation, controversy, and emotional exhaustion, making it a difficult topic to study—let alone view as a blessing. 

This addition to the Short Studies in Systematic Theology series carefully examines God’s word to answer 15 commonly asked questions regarding the doctrines of election and reprobation. With helpful visuals, key definitions, answer summaries, and prayer responses, this concise guide is perfect for all believers who want to discover and delight in what God has revealed throughout Scripture. Readers will not only learn how God saves his people from their sins, but will be stirred to respond to him in worship. 

  • Great for Theologians, Pastors, and Students: Designed to be short and approachable, this concise study dives deep into the doctrine of predestination
  • Part of the Short Studies in Systematic Theology Series: Other titles include The Person of Christ; Glorification; and The Doctrine of Scripture
  • Written by Andrew David Naselli: Pastor and professor of systematic theology and New Testament 

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Andrew David Naselli

Andrew David Naselli (PhD, Bob Jones University; PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is professor of systematic theology and New Testament at Bethlehem College and Seminary in Minneapolis and one of the pastors of the North Church in Mounds View, Minnesota.

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Published: January 09, 2024

Table of Contents

Series Preface

Part 1: Vessels of Mercy: What Does the Bible Teach about Election?
Chapter 1: What Is the Goal of Election?
Chapter 2: When Did God Choose to Save Some Humans?
Chapter 3: Did God Choose to Save Individuals?
Chapter 4: Did God Choose to Save Individuals Based on Foreseen Faith?
Chapter 5: Is Unconditional Election Unfair?
Chapter 6: Do We Have Free Will?
Chapter 7: Does Election Contradict God's Desire That All Humans Be Saved?
Chapter 8: How Does God Accomplish His Plan to Save Individuals?
Chapter 9: How Do I Know If God Has Elected Me?
Chapter 10: Did God Elect Babies Who Die?

Part 2: Vessels of Wrath: What Does the Bible Teach about Reprobation?
Chapter 11: Who Ultimately Causes Reprobation?
Chapter 12: How Does God Accomplish Reprobation?
Chapter 13: What Is the Result of Reprobation?
Chapter 14: What Is the Goal of Reprobation?
Chapter 15: Who Deserves Blame for Reprobation?

Conclusion: Exult in God as You Take in the View
Further Reading
Chapter Summary Questions and Answers
Further Reading
General Index
Scripture Index


“Andy Naselli believes the subject of predestination is far too biblical and much too precious to keep hidden. It speaks of God’s glorious sovereignty and the wonder of his saving grace, as well as his holiness and justice. If you’ve avoided the subject for fear of offending someone or perhaps out of your own ignorance of what the word means, this book is for you. Naselli explores in a deeply profound but highly intelligible way what the Bible says about this controversial topic. I love this book and can’t recommend it too highly.”
Sam Storms, Founder and President, Enjoying God Ministries

“Andy Naselli makes a strong biblical case for election and reprobation. He aims not just to convince the mind but also to stir the heart to worship the sovereign Savior. Not all readers will agree with every facet of Naselli’s argument, but he demonstrates that the doctrine of predestination is firmly grounded in Romans 9 and other passages of the Holy Scriptures.”
Joel R. Beeke, Chancellor and Professor of Homiletics and Systematic Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary; Pastor, Heritage Reformed Congregation, Grand Rapids, Michigan

“Andy Naselli has given us a concise, accessible, and faithful treatise on the often-misunderstood topic of predestination. This book will become the go-to resource for both advocates and naysayers, helping Christians better understand God’s faithfulness and sovereignty.”
Rosaria Butterfield, former Professor of English and Women’s Studies, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a House Key and Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age

“When we avoid discussing difficult biblical and theological subjects like predestination, we not only neglect what Scripture clearly teaches but also impoverish our view of God and therefore rob ourselves of the truth, comfort, and confidence that the doctrine is meant to give. For this reason, I am thrilled to recommend this book. Andy Naselli faithfully expounds the Bible’s teaching on predestination—and in such a way that we are led to glory in our triune God of sovereign grace and challenged to apply biblical truth to our lives in all of its breadth and depth. If you want to know what Scripture teaches about predestination, how to answer the common objections to it, and how to apply its truth to your life, then this book is for you.”
Stephen J. Wellum, Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“How does one write a simple and clear treatment of one of the most complex and challenging doctrines? I’m not entirely sure, but that is precisely what Andy Naselli has done. This book provides an accessible and careful treatment of predestination that will serve pastors, laypeople, and all those who want to learn more about the wonders of God’s glory in election. Take, read, and be stirred to worship.”
Steven Lee, Pastor for Preaching and Vision, The North Church, Mounds View, Minnesota