The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 5: Acts, Epistles & Revelation

Stories 85–104

Illustrated by Don Clark, By Crossway

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Format: Paperback

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The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 5: Acts, Epistles & Revelation

Stories 85–104

Illustrated by Don Clark, By Crossway

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Children’s Curriculum from The Biggest Story Bible Storybook Presents Fun, Multimedia Lessons on New Testament Stories from Acts through Revelation

Help kids understand the New Testament from Acts through Revelation with volume 5 of The Biggest Story Curriculum. These 20 lessons on key Bible stories—including Pentecost, Jesus’s letters to the 7 churches, and the new heaven and new earth—have been carefully constructed by a team of pastors, children’s ministry workers, and content creators. Built on the 104 Bible stories that inspired The Biggest Story Bible Storybook written by Kevin DeYoung, with illustrations by artist Don Clark, each lesson creatively retells Scripture to help children in grades K–5 grasp God’s plan to redeem the world through his Son, Jesus.
Designed for use in a Sunday school, children’s church, or homeschool context, each lesson in The Biggest Story Curriculum includes an easy-to-use teaching plan, discussion questions, and reproducible activity sheets. These modular lesson plans provide comprehensive and integrated teaching with easy-to-follow instructions, fun activities, simple crafts, and more. 
Volume 5 is also available as part of the 6-volume Biggest Story Curriculum: Box Set, which includes 104 Old and New Testament Scripture lessons and a coloring and activity book.

  • Bible Lessons for Kindergarten through 5th Grade: Colorful printed materials and lesson plans assist pastors, children’s ministry leaders, and parents alike as they teach young people God’s story of redemption
  • Easy-to-Follow Lesson Plans: With “Teach the Story” and “Gospel Connection” sections, discussion questions, and activity and craft options, plus downloadable materials
  • A Companion to The Biggest Story Bible Storybook: Created by a team of pastors, children’s ministry workers, and content creators, the curriculum lessons are based on Bible stories written by Kevin DeYoung, with illustrations by artist Don Clark
  • Integrates with Website: Users can download coloring pages, activity sheets, and craft templates

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Don Clark

Don Clark is an artist and cofounder of Invisible Creature, a widely respected and award-winning design studio based in Seattle, Washington. He has worked with clients such as Target, Pixar, NASA, The New York Times, LEGO, and Apple. Don and his wife, Erika, have three children and live on a small farm just outside Seattle.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 85: The Spirit Comes (Acts 2)
Lesson 86: The Beautiful and the Beggar (Acts 3)
Lesson 87: One Name under Heaven (Acts 4)
Lesson 88: The Couple Who Lied and Died (Acts 5)
Lesson 89: Stephen’s Speech (Acts 7)
Lesson 90: Philip and the Man from Africa (Acts 8)
Lesson 91: Saul Sees the Light (Acts 9)
Lesson 92: Peter Eats and a Soldier Believes (Acts 10)
Lesson 93: Knock Knock, Who’s There? (Acts 12)
Lesson 94: Paul, Purple Goods, and a Prison Quake (Acts 16)
Lesson 95: The God Who Can Be Known (Acts 17)
Lesson 96: Ships and Snakes and Sermons, Oh My! (Acts 27–28)
Lesson 97: No Nothing (Romans 8)
Lesson 98: Love Is (1 Corinthians 13)
Lesson 99: More Than a Slave (Philemon)
Lesson 100: Taming the Tongue (James 3)
Lesson 101: Jesus Writes a Letter (Revelation 1–3)
Lesson 102: The Center of the Universe (Revelation 4–5)
Lesson 103: The Snake Crusher Wins (Revelation 20)
Lesson 104: All Things New (Revelation 21–22)

The Biggest Story Curriculum is a wonderful way to joyfully and imaginatively teach the Scriptures as a unified whole with a central message about the redemption of the world through Jesus.”

David Gibson

Minister, Trinity Church, Aberdeen, Scotland

“The beautifully animated videos, engaging lesson materials, and rich theology will make this the perfect resource for your children’s ministry.”

Jared Kennedy

Editor, The Gospel Coalition; author, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible and Keeping Your Children’s Ministry on Mission