The Lordship of Christ: Serving Our Savior All of the Time, in All of Life, with All of Our Heart

By Vern S. Poythress

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The Lordship of Christ: Serving Our Savior All of the Time, in All of Life, with All of Our Heart

By Vern S. Poythress

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Jesus Christ was not merely a human being. He was not merely a famous religious teacher.
Jesus Christ is Lord of all.

This radical claim from the Bible has profound implications for every area of life—for every person and every facet of society. Drawing on key biblical texts, Vern Poythress explores what acknowledging the authority of Christ means for the way we should think and act. Unpacking how this authority affects spheres of life such as religion, politics, science, art, education, and the future, Poythress helps us pursue obedience to Christ as an expression of our gratitude and devotion—and our anticipation of the joy promised to us when we serve him with all of our heart.

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Vern S. Poythress

Vern S. Poythress (PhD, Harvard University; ThD, University of Stellenbosch) is Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Biblical Interpretation, and Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he has taught for four decades. In addition to earning six academic degrees, he is the author of numerous books and articles on biblical interpretation, language, and science.

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Published: June 30, 2016

Table of Contents

Part 1: The Call to Serve Christ

  1. Being Radically Christian
  2. The Story of Redemption
  3. Reasons for Obedience to Christ
  4. Serving Christ in Our Knowledge
  5. Contrasts with the World

Part 2: Resources for Serving Christ

  1. Basic Spiritual Resources
  2. Resources from Theology, Especially the Reformation
  3. Abraham Kuyper and His Successors
  4. Newer Resources

Part 3: Areas of Service 

  1. Christ the Lord of Life and Religion
  2. Politics
  3. Science
  4. Art
  5. The Future
  6. Education
  7. Work

Part 4 Traps to Avoid in Our Service

  1. Traps in Motivation
  2. Traps in Norms
  3. Traps in Situations
  4. Traps concerning Future Hopes

Appendix: Two Kingdoms Theology
General Index
Scripture Index


“Vern Poythress’s fine book argues a truly radical thesis: that Jesus’s lordship is as wide as creation and therefore is as wide as our everyday activities. He shows how Jesus’s saving works and Word apply to absolutely every sphere of life—to art and science, business and entrepreneurship, scholarship and education, politics and economics. Any Christian who wishes to honor the Lord Christ in the totality of his or her life should buy this book and read it immediately.”
Bruce Riley Ashford, Professor of Theology and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; coauthor, The Gospel of Our King

“Vern Poythress is one of the few writers today who combines rigorous scholarship and biblical theology with deep, practical spirituality. This volume is a defense of the notion, so powerfully expressed in the Reformed tradition in general and by Abraham Kuyper in particular, that Christ is Lord over every area of life. Building on this heritage, Poythress brings important clarifications along with practical applications not always found in the pioneers. Readers should not be deceived by the enviable simplicity of the arguments; they pack a wallop.”
William Edgar, Professor Emeritus of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

“My good friend Vern Poythress has written Redeeming Science, Redeeming Sociology, Redeeming Mathematics, and Redeeming Philosophy, as well as excellent books on linguistics and logic. The Lordship of Christ expounds the foundation beneath all these other studies—namely, the fact that Christ rules over every area of human life. This is the principle rediscovered by Abraham Kuyper, that every square inch in the universe belongs to Jesus. Poythress’s book contains a strong biblical defense of this principle. It also contains the best discussion yet of the one-kingdom/two-kingdoms controversy.”
John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“Thanks to Vern Poythress for providing an accessible, encouraging, practical study on the lordship of Christ. Any Christian who has questions about the authority of Christ and the joy of serving him will be greatly helped by this book. It revitalizes and reinvigorates a proper understanding of Christ the King. This book would be a useful tool for churches and Sunday school classes.”
K. Scott Oliphint, Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“For anyone looking for a clear, accessible, and biblically sound introduction to the kingship of Christ as understood in the Kuyperian strain of the Reformed tradition, this is the book that fills the bill. What makes the Kuyperian understanding of the kingdom so attractive to many is that it calls Christians to be active in every sphere of society and culture (not least the academy), and this book does an excellent job of illustrating the cultural claims of Christ’s rule. At the same time, Poythress is careful to highlight some of the potential pitfalls of such an emphasis on Christian cultural engagement. One of the book’s strengths is its liberal use of pertinent Bible texts to illustrate its points, without falling into facile proof-texting. An added bonus is that the book includes an extensive appendix in which the author enters into dialogue with the proponents of so-called ‘two kingdoms’ theology, where in a non-polemical way he points out some of the conceptual confusions that have too often bedeviled the discussion around this topic.”
Albert M. Wolters, Professor Emeritus of Religion, Redeemer University College; author, Creation Regained