Things That Cannot Be Shaken: Holding Fast to Your Faith in a Relativistic World

By K. Scott Oliphint, Rod Mays

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Things That Cannot Be Shaken: Holding Fast to Your Faith in a Relativistic World

By K. Scott Oliphint, Rod Mays

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It's a quickly changing world out there. A world enamored with anything new. But all that "progress" comes with a price: we now live in a relativistic culture that appears to be missing an anchor. All authority is questioned. Truth has been thrown out with traditional views. And nothing seems sure. Especially not matters of faith.

Not even for Christians.

So how do we find our spiritual moorings? In environments that seek to undermine faith at every turn, how do we solidify our thinking so that our faith will not waver? By holding fast to the "things that cannot be shaken" (Heb. 12:27), say authors Scott Oliphint and Rod Mays.

For every challenge you're likely to face in the dorm, the classroom, even the workplace . . .

  • Is Christianity true?
  • Can faith really help in my struggle against sin?
  • What does God have to do with my relationships?
  • How can I know what's real?

Things That Cannot Be Shaken equips you to respond biblically, with certainty and confidence. It will also challenge you to set aside those sins that cling so closely and to let what cannot be shaken become the defining characteristic of your walk with Christ.


K. Scott Oliphint

K. Scott Oliphint (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) is professor of apologetics and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and has written numerous scholarly articles and books, including God With Us. He is also the coeditor of the two-volume Christian Apologetics Past and Present: A Primary Source Reader and Revelation and Reason: New Essays in Reformed Apologetics.

Rod Mays

Rod Mays is the national coordinator of Reformed University Fellowship, the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. He has also served as senior pastor of Presbyterian churches in South Carolina, Mississippi, and West Virginia.

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"The authors make vivid the two-way street of our communion with God and God's being with us. Their book is full of things that we today need urgently to take to heart."
J. I. Packer, Late Board of Governors' Professor of Theology, Regent College