Our goal has been met, but there's still time to help equip global pastors and church leaders! Any additional funds raised will be used to send more Global Pastors Book Sets to church leaders around the world.

Give the Gift of a Theological Library

In many places around the world, pastors lack access to biblical resources to help them cultivate healthy churches full of thriving Christians. What’s more, many church leaders have never received formal training in the Scriptures or theology—and thus easily fall prey to false teaching promoted by dynamic leaders who proclaim a message of health and prosperity rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ.

And yet, this global challenge also stands as a unique opportunity for Christians in the West—an opportunity to work together with believers from around the world to equip under-resourced church leaders with Bibles and doctrinally sound books. That’s why Crossway created the Global Pastors Book Set—a 15-volume collection of resources chosen by church leaders from every major world region aimed at providing pastors with the biblical and theological foundation necessary for a lifetime of ministry faithfulness.

Global Pastors Book Sets are already being distributed to church leaders in places like India, Uganda, and South Africa. Would you consider helping us extend the reach of this ministry-shaping project? A gift of $50 provides a Global Pastors Book Set to one pastor, jump-starting his theological library.

What Subjects Are Covered in the Set?

The Global Pastors Book Set includes volumes covering a host of topics crucial to pastoral ministry, including:

Biblical Theology
Christian Life
Expositional Preaching
The Gospel

Marriage & Family
Pastoral Care
Pastoral Ministry
Story of Redemption
Systematic Theology
The Word of God
The Trinity

What Specific Books Are Included in the Set?

The Global Pastors Book Set includes the following titles:

Help Us Reach 3,000 Pastors

Our goal is to raise $150,000 by July 31, 2021—all of which will go toward creating and distributing Global Pastors Book Sets to 3,000 pastors in need. A generous donor has already agreed to contribute $75,000—which means we’re half-way to our goal. But we need your help to close the gap.

Would you prayerfully consider helping us complete the project by raising the final $75,000? For every $50 you give, a pastor will be equipped with over a dozen gospel-centered resources—resources that could deepen a global leader’s knowledge, strengthen his faith, and transform his church.