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Equipping the Global Church

Crossway created the Global Ministry Fund as a place for you to give directly to support carefully chosen ministry projects aimed at equipping the church around the world for ministry. We partner with authors, translators, publishers, mission agencies, and theological training schools to provide books and Bibles to the least-resourced.

With help from Christians from around the world, the Global Ministry Fund is enabling the translation and publication of key Crossway titles in Nepali, Khmer, Zulu, Farsi, Serbo-Croatian, Vietnamese, Polish, and more.

Additionally, the Global Pastors Book Sets initiative has continued to receive funding through the Global Ministry Fund, as Crossway sees ongoing needs throughout Africa, Asia, and South America for theologically-trained pastors. Your gift to the Global Ministry Fund will contribute to projects like this!

How You Can Support Pastors and Church Leaders Around the World

As we look ahead to the future, there are a number of exciting Global Ministry Fund projects underway:

  • Translating six Crossway books, including Gentle and Lowly, Women of the Word, and Family Discipleship, into Simplified Chinese for distribution in text and audio formats for free online through multiple digital ministry partners
  • Translating twelve important resources into the Arabic language for digital and audio distribution across the Middle East and North Africa
  • Funding the translation of key Crossway titles into strategic languages, including Swedish, Nepali, Thai, and others

Would you partner with Crossway to help provide thousands of pastors and church leaders around the world with Bibles and Bible-based resources? 100% of all donations to the Global Ministry Fund go directly toward the translation and publication of books and the free distribution of the ESV Bible and books in print, digital, and audio formats.

Since its founding in 1938, Crossway’s mission has been to publish gospel-centered, Bible-centered content that honors our Savior and serves his church. By God’s grace—and with the help of your giving and prayer—together we can further that mission by equipping church leaders around the world to spread the gospel message to the ends of the earth, for his glory.

“One of the biggest struggles I have as a pastor is worrying that what I am teaching to my church is even correct. The greatest gift that I can receive as a pastor is a resource that can help me understand Scripture deeper and give me the confidence to know that what I am teaching is faithful to the Bible."
—Peterson, a pastor in rural Kenya who received an ESV Study Bible through Crossway's ministry distribution


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What the Croatian Church Really Needs

Most Croatians, while claiming to be Christian, don’t know the truth of the gospel. Stevo Vuletić has set out to see the gospel preached in truth to men and women throughout Croatia by partnering with Crossway to make resources available in their language.

Evangelizing Wherever Doors Are Open

Often we go through the motions, in too much of a hurry to pause for a moment and consider who we’re surrounded by and what we have to give to those people—the good news of the gospel. Consider this question: who might you have unknowingly withheld the good news from?

The Enduring Impact of a Pastor’s Personal Spiritual Growth

In Myanmar, with a population that is nearly 88% Buddhist, pastors and church leaders cannot easily access theological resources to support them and help them grow in their ministry. Pastor Zaw, who ministers to several church congregations throughout the country, has experienced this lack of resources in his own ministry.

There Are Churches in Kenyan Slums? Yes, and They're Thriving

Instead of running away from the slums, Ronald and his family run toward the slums. And they come bringing the good news of the gospel, a treasure that has been seen to transform the lives of pastors in Kibera, one of the world’s largest slums.

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