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Theology in Community Series

Christopher W. Morgan & Robert A. Peterson

Series Editors
The Theology in Community Series assembles a world-class team of scholars bringing their unique expertise to bear on a biblical and theological topic from the perspective of biblical theology, systematic theology, history, pastoral application, missiology, and cultural analysis. These volumes—composed in community and combining academic acumen with a pastoral pathos—provide for pastors, leaders, and laypeople an up-to-date resource for exploring both theology and practice with accessible depth.

Series Volumes

Fallen: A Theology of Sin

Everyone knows the world is broken. Leading evangelical scholars join forces to explore the biblical doctrine of sin from a variety of angles, including historical theology and the modern world. Contributors:
Christopher W. Morgan Robert A. Peterson Gerald Bray David B. Calhoun D. A. Carson Bryan Chapell
Paul R. House John W. Mahony Douglas J. Moo Sydney H. T. Page Robert W. Yarbrough
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The kingdom of God is a very large biblical category indeed. Accordingly, a comprehensive understanding of the kingdom would illuminate many aspects of theology. With this in mind, a team of scholars have collaborated to articulate a full view of the kingdom of God across multiple disciplines. Contributors:
Christopher W. Morgan Robert A. Peterson Bruce K. Waltke Gerald Bray Robert W. Yarbrough
Clinton E. Arnold Gregg R. Allison Anthony B. Bradley Stephen J. Nichols
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This accessible volume—the third in the noted Theology in Community series—guides readers to the significance of Christ’s deity across the Old and New Testaments, in Johannine literature, in popular culture and church history, and among cults and world religions. With its keen theological insight and straightforward application, this volume will give pastors, students, and educated readers a clear and useful treatment of the deity of Christ. Contributors:
Christopher W. Morgan Robert A. Peterson Gerald Bray Alan W. Gomes J. Nelson Jennings
Andreas J. Köstenberger Stephen J. Nichols Raymond C. Ortlund Jr. Stephen J. Wellum
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Few topics are more crucial or central to the doctrine and daily life of a Christian than the glory of God. In this volume, Köstenberger, Longman, Gaffin, and other scholars guide believers through a biblical and theological treatment of the glory of God. This book will greatly benefit readers in their personal studies and ministries. Contributors:
Christopher W. Morgan Robert A. Peterson Tremper Longman III Richard B. Gaffin Jr. Bryan Chapell
Andreas J. Köstenberger Stephen J. Nichols Richard R. Melick Jr. J. Nelson Jennings
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This volume presents biblical truths concerning suffering and challenges believers to promote justice and to emulate God's grace as they minister to others. Contributors:
Christopher W. Morgan Robert A. Peterson Robert W. Yarbrough Walter C. Kaiser Jr. Daniel G. McCartney
John M. Frame William Edgar David B. Calhoun John S. Feinberg
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Christopher W. Morgan is professor of theology and dean of the School of Christian Ministries at California Baptist University. He is the author and editor of several books.
Robert A. Peterson is professor of systematic theology at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He is the author and editor of numerous books and articles.