Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus

By Nancy Guthrie

Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus

By Nancy Guthrie

The story of Jesus includes all kinds of characters. Some see these people as mere examples to follow or to avoid, and some have only heard about them in Sunday school stories. But their interactions with Jesus reveal much more about the person of Jesus himself and the message he has for us. Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus tells the story of 10 people or groups of people who are integral to the story of Jesus told in the Gospels. Each chapter takes a character off the Sunday school felt board and reveals them as a three-dimensional person with desires, motivations, flaws, and limitations. They are more than examples—they show us a unique angle on the grace available through Jesus for sinners. Each chapter also offers challenging applications to the lives of readers.

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Nancy Guthrie

Nancy Guthrie teaches the Bible at her home church, Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Franklin, Tennessee, as well as at conferences around the country and internationally, including her Biblical Theology Workshops for Women. She is the host of the Help Me Teach the Bible podcast from the Gospel Coalition and the author of numerous books, including Even Better than Eden and Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus. She and her husband are cohosts of the GriefShare video series and lead Respite Retreats for couples who have faced the death of a child.

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Title: Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus
Published: April 14, 2020
ISBN-10: 1-4335-6609-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-6609-7
Retail Price: $16.99
Binding: Paperback
Trim: 5.5 in x 8.5 in
Page Count: 240

Table of Contents


1. The Voice

2. The Family

3. The Rock

4. The Hypocrites

5. The Crook

6. The Opportunist

7. The Priest

8. The Criminals

9. The Disciple

10. The Worst

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“How grateful I am to God for Nancy Guthrie’s new book and personal Bible study, Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus! This is the book that I will put in the hands of all my women friends, from the not-yet believer to the seasoned saint. Unfolding like a drama, this book presents in clear light the people with whom Jesus lived and interacted (mostly) during his earthly ministry. Like a mirror, this book beckons the reader to behold herself in the reflected light of how real people interacted with the real and the resurrected Jesus. The exposure from this reflection would be awful if Nancy was not such a faithful guide, reminding us at every turn that repentance is the way forward and that what humbles you can never hurt you. Saints and Scoundrels is convicting and comforting at once, reminding all true believers that God’s family is rough around the edges and held together by grace and blood and faith and the King of kings and Lord of lords who makes himself lowly and gentle for the salvation of his people. The clarion call of the gospel life rings loud and true in this book. Oh, what a Savior! Oh, what a book!”
Rosaria Butterfield, Former Professor of English, Syracuse University; author, The Gospel Comes with a House Key

“I have a deep appreciation for Nancy Guthrie’s ability to commend the wonders of grace with such wonderful prose, and this book is no exception. Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus is a brilliant ‘rogues’ gallery’ of redemption with a heart-stirring focus on the Saint who came unabashedly for scoundrels like you and me. Read and be refreshed again in the gospel.”
Jared C. Wilson, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry, Spurgeon College; Author in Residence, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; author, The Imperfect Disciple

“If you have ever felt that the Bible belongs to another world, you must read this book. Nancy Guthrie’s compelling cameos will draw you into the lives of people whose interactions with Jesus are surprisingly like our own. These characters will speak directly to the realities of your life, giving you a fresh glimpse of all that can be yours in Jesus Christ. Get ready to see yourself in the scoundrels and, by God’s grace, become more like the saints.”
Colin S. Smith, Senior Pastor, The Orchard, Arlington Heights, Illinois; author, Heaven, How I Got Here and Heaven, So Near – So Far

“Nancy Guthrie rightly sees Christ in all of Scripture. Even in the details of biblical accounts, Saints and Scoundrels in the Story of Jesus points to the overarching story of the one who transforms sinners. Gather some friends and get drawn into the stories to see the impact Jesus had on the lives of hypocrites, crooks, and criminals. You might just find yourself mirrored in the characters, and your heart will be stirred as you come to know Christ better.”
Keri Folmar, Director of Women’s Ministries, United Christian Church of Dubai; author, The Good Portion: Scripture