An Early Look at 2 New ESV Journaling Bibles

A Short History of the ESV Journaling Bible

In 2006, Crossway published the first ESV Journaling Bible, an innovative Bible edition designed to help Christians engage with God’s Word at a deeper level. Since then, the Journaling Bible has gone on to sell tens of thousands of copies and set a high standard of quality craftsmanship and elegant design.

In 2012, Crossway published the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, an edition similar to the original Journaling Bible but typeset in a single column rather than a double column layout. Requested for years, this edition appealed to a host of new readers eager for a Bible ideally suited to their needs.

In 2016—ten years after the original Journaling Bible was first published—Crossway is excited to announce the release of two new Journaling Bible editions: the ESV Journaling Bible, Writer’s Edition and the ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition.

The ESV Journaling Bible, Writer’s Edition

The ESV Journaling Bible, Writer’s Edition features two inches of lined space for notes and prayers along the bottom of every page—offering readers a practical way to keep track of their personal reflections related to God’s Word and serving as a great keepsake or gift item.

The ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition

Patterned after the "Blank Bible" that eighteenth-century preacher and theologian Jonathan Edwards used to record more than 5,000 notes about God’s Word, the ESV Journaling Bible, Interleaved Edition is truly unique, featuring a full, blank page next to every page of Bible text.

Created for Bible readers looking for as much space as possible for sermon notes, personal reflections, prayers, or artwork, the edition features cream-colored paper and a durable binding to ensure that it lasts a lifetime.

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