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Answering Kids’ Hardest Questions: If God Speaks to Me, Why Can’t I Hear Him?

This article is part of the Answering Kids’ Hardest Questions series.

Hearing God’s Words through Scripture

If God speaks to me, then why can’t I hear him? This is a great question, and it’s a hard one for little ones to grasp—and even for us to grasp. We often ask, How can I hear from the Lord?

Imagine getting a letter through the mail. Your friend or family member has written to you. They’ve thought thoughts, they’ve written them down to communicate these thoughts, and this is them speaking to you through the written word. God’s word is similar to that. It is a letter from God to us. No, we can’t hear him audibly, but we can hear him speak, in the sense that he has written his thoughts down for us to read and to hear.

God Speaks to Me

Kristen Wetherell

As a part of the For the Bible Tells Me So series—designed to immerse kids ages 0–4 in the gospel—this board book teaches children how God reveals himself through Scripture and gives hope through his Son.

We can tell our kids about this by encouraging them to open their Bibles. You can even say, “This is a letter from God to you. He wants to speak to you, and this is a way that you can hear his voice. You can read his word and hear from him.”

We can also model this as parents. We want to walk by example, not just by teaching, and so we as parents want to be in the word. We want to be hearing the voice of God in our Bibles ourselves and then commending that to our children and bringing the practice of devotional reading or Bible study to our children—by example and by teaching. It’s just an amazing reality that the God of all the universe has spoken to us in a book that we can open and read. This is a wonderful, miraculous gift that we get to present to our kids each day.

Kristen Wetherell is the author of God Speaks to Me.

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