Build Your Life around Spiritual Habits, Don’t Just Fit Them In

Make a Plan

If there’s anything in our life that we want to do with regularity, we have to plan for it. It’s just practical living. If we want to read our Bibles regularly, then we have to prioritize it in our lives. Same thing for prayer. Same thing with church involvement.

Everyday Faithfulness

Glenna Marshall

This book explores what daily faithfulness to Christ looks like when spiritual growth seems hard to measure, working through the unique challenges to faithfulness during seasons of waiting, doubting, caretaking, suffering, and more.

I find that it’s better to think about building your life around spiritual disciplines rather than fitting them in when you can, and so that means finding a time to read your Bible whenever you can most regularly show up to do it. For some of us, that’s first thing in the morning. For some of us, that’s maybe your lunch hour or that hour before you go to bed. Whatever that time is for you that you can show up to on a regular basis, that’s what you need to give to your spiritual disciplines and building your life around that.

If we want to read our Bibles regularly, then we have to prioritize it in our lives.

Same thing with church—church being like an ingrained part of your life, not just something you do if you don’t have anything better to do. I think that is how you build those disciplines into a regular part of your life—building your life around them rather than just fitting in pieces—because it is with time in the Lord’s Word, with the Lord’s people, and in prayer with him that those things become dear to you. And the more you give yourself to them on a regular basis, then that habit sort of lays the path for joy in those disciplines.

Glenna Marshall is the author of Everyday Faithfulness: The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World.

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