Everyday Faithfulness: The Beauty of Ordinary Perseverance in a Demanding World

By Glenna Marshall

What does the Christian life look like when life is unpredictable, hard, or just plain ordinary? We live in an instant-gratification world, where results are quickly measured and words like discipline and perseverance evoke thoughts of legalism or asceticism. But Everyday Faithfulness explores what daily perseverance in Christ looks like during various seasons when spiritual growth seems especially difficult. Working through the unique challenges that come with seasons of waiting, caretaking, suffering, worry, spiritual dryness, and more, this book delves into practical ways to build habits into everyday life that will aid in spiritual growth throughout a lifetime. Each chapter closes with a real-life example of a woman whose life of regular, everyday faithfulness will encourage readers to remain steadfast in theirs.


Table of Contents:

Introduction: Think Like a Farmer

1. What Is Everyday Faithfulness?

2. Faithful When You’re Just Not Disciplined

3. Faithful When Your Hands are Full

4. Faithful When You’re Waiting

5. Faithful When You Doubt

6. Faithful When You’re Suffering

7. Faithful When Your Heart is Cold

8. Faithful When You Sin

9. Faithful to the End


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Published: June 02, 2020