Make the Most of Your Productivity: A Guide to Honoring God with Your Time

By Ana Ávila

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6 Powerful, God-Honoring Principles to Increase Productivity

Many people today idolize achievement, driven by validation, status, or financial gain. Others lack self-discipline and motivation altogether. How can Christians pursue healthy, biblical goal-setting that avoids extremes?
In this user-friendly guide, Ana Ávila teaches 6 principles to help you honor God with all you have and reflect his character through your creativity. Along with a gospel-centered perspective on life, you’ll learn skills to increase efficiency, such as forming healthy habits, using productivity tools, creating tasks and projects, and more. Whether you are achievement-oriented or struggle with discipline, Ávila will show you how to reorient your time, boundaries, decisions, focus, habits, and tools around God’s main design for productivity: serving him and helping others.

  • A Great Introduction to Productivity: Explains how to effectively steward time, resources, and wisdom from a biblical perspective
  • Interactive: Each chapter ends with questions for reflection and action steps
  • Practical Life Skills: Includes sample schedules, tips for forming healthy habits, and more
  • Previously Published in Spanish


Ana Ávila

Ana Ávila works as a senior writer for Coalición por el Evangelio and is the creator and host of Piensa Podcast. She has an undergraduate degree in clinical biochemistry and a diploma in biblical studies. Ávila lives in Guatemala with her husband and their two sons.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-4335-9109-9
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Published: March 05, 2024

Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations
Chapter 1: A Call for Everyone         
Chapter 2: For the Love of God and Others 
Chapter 3: A Matter of Character   
Part II: Principles
Chapter 4: Time         
Chapter 5: Limits       
Chapter 6: Decisions 
Chapter 7: Focus       
Chapter 8: Habits       
Chapter 9: Tools        
Part III: Practices
Chapter 10: Align Your Life
Chapter 11: Plan Your Week
Chapter 12: Make the Most of Your Day       
Closing Words